45 Series

A Larger Branson at 78 HP
7845 with Enclosed Cab or without CAB
Branson Tractors is proud to introduce the 7845 model tractor. The 7845 engine is genuine “Branson Built.” It is turbocharged, water cooled and is rated at a quiet 2500 RPMs. If you like lots of torque...this engine is for you. The heavy duty, sharp turning, front axle is a must for loader work. Branson’s 7845 front axle steers 56 degrees each direction, and does NOT use a drag link.
Smooth, powerful and turns on a dime...you will like it! Levers, gear shifts, buttons and light panels are all designed logically for ease and simplicity of operation. The 7845 tractor is available in a Cab or ROPs model.


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