Soil Conditioners

The New TF5S 5 Section Soil Conditioner:

With Double Twist Baskets

The new Model TF5S 5-Section Soil Conditioners feature a double folding wing design that extends working widths from 44 to 63 feet, yet folds to within a 16’-6” transport width. The conditioners are designed to perform and built to last, putting more material where it counts to prevent excessive wear at critical stress points and maximize performance.

TF212 & TF215 Soil Conditioners:

With Double Twist Baskets

Flex your muscles the next time you’re working ground with a J&M Torsion-Flex Soil Conditioner.

The double basket design features a torsion-flex arm that maintains proper ground tension and allows the basket to flex over uneven terrain. The result is a more consistent performance that levels and finishes the soil in one pass... preparing a more uniform seed bed composed of finer soil at planting depth to help retain proper moisture and large particles on top to reduce crusting.


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