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Your Cutting Edge

• Robust and fully welded cutterbar
• Long-lasting spur gears
• Wedge-shaped cutterbar without inner shoe for cleanest cuts
• Convenient and quick-change blades (Not available in North America)

AM – the working formula

• Tractor link fitting pins for full-width efficiency
• Direct and frictional driveline ensures no power is lost
• Suspension springs adjust to optimize ground pressure
• Large pivoting angle suits work on steep side slopes

Technology that delivers

• High workrates
• Low input
• Light weight
• Excellent value for money

Top-quality forage across the full working width

• Uniform conditioning across the full work width
• Intensive conditioning from pivoting V-shaped steel tines and an adjustable baffle plate
• Optimum conditioning from a mechanical rotor drive

Put in less – finish earlier

• Increased wilt and less exposure to weather
• Fewer passes and reduced conditioning costs
• Optimum treatment for optimum quality


Model AM 243 CV
Work width                 Approx. mm 2.400 (7'11")
Three-point hitch  +
No. of discs 4
No. of drums  2
CV conditioner  +
Conditioner speed 0/600/900
Weight Approx.                   kg (lbs) 740 (1.631)
Area output                Approx. ha/h  2
Power requirement               kW/hp 44 / 60
PTO speed standard               rpm  540
Cat II
Hydraulic couplers  1 sa


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