Customers are our priority and we like to offer solutions and support on equipment brought in to us. Our parts, service, and rentals department are made up of knowledgeable individuals with background experience in working with different types of machines. Whether you need to find parts for replacement, in need of servicing your machine, or in need of renting an equipment temporarily, you'll find it here.

As A Customer, You Are Our Priority

No other local dealer in the Northwest Washington and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia offers a wider range of services, enhancements, parts, rentals, support functions and technical expertise than Farmers Equipment. We have employed over hundreds of people and served thousands of customers with background experience in farming in the course of 80 years.

We are here to help you when you need support. We’re just a click or call away.

You can call from our two locations or you can directly go to any of our departments page.


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