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Not ready to fully own an equipment? Or just need to use a machine to work with your current equipment for a short period of time? Farmers Equipment offers short term and long term rental services for you and your farm, clean and job ready to tackle the task in no time. Our modern and dependable machines can help you increase up-time and the production you need in your farm. We offer a variety of rental choices at competitive prices, like sizes and configurations so you'll able to find that perfect machine.


 +  Short term and long term rental options geared to fit your needs
 +  Rental purchase options
 +  Modern and dependable equipment to increase your uptime
 +  After hours infield service and support


Since our founding in 1935, Farmers Equipment Company has continued to grow and adapt to ensure that the needs of our customers are being met. Supplying quality rental equipment at competitive prices is another solution we are proud to offer. We offer first class agricultural, berry, material handling and construction equipment.  Providing our customers access to dependable equipment that fits their needs is our goal.

We offer a number of rental equipment solutions in various sizes and configurations, ready for when the job demands it. Your time is valuable: we get that, which is why we take pride in offering clean, job ready machines.  With our timely delivery and modern equipment, you can be confident that Farmers Equipment Company is going to help you get the right machine for the job.

Give us a call and let us help you get setup with your next rental!


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