Kobelco SK350LC-9E

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The Power Wave of Change

"Genuine KOBELCO is Back!" excavators provide the three E's: Enhancement, Economy and Environment!

The refining of each of these "E's", together with the introduction of leading-edge technology that complies with US EPA Tier IV Final emission standards provides excavators with even more enhanced environmental performance and fuel efficiency, as well as unparalleled work performance. The incredible work rate of these excavators is provided by powerful digging strength and a wide digging range. These excavators feature a new engine model with reduced environmental impact and Kobelco's unique technology that reduces pressure-loss resistance. Kobelco's reliable and well-tested technology has been developed over many years, making it more than capable of satisfying the various demands of today's construction industry. Continuously creating original value, Kobelco has been able to bring technical marvels into existence through a spirit of perpetual pursuit.


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Model Name SK350LC
Machine Type SK350LC-9E
Operating Weight lbs {kg} 80,900 {36,700}
Bucket Bucket capacity
SAE heaped cu.yd.{m3}
1.57 {1.2} 1.83 {1.40} 2.09 {1.60}
Bucket capacity
SAE Struck cu.yd.{m3}
1.10 {0.84} 1.31 {1.00} 1.57 {1.20}
Opening width
With side cutter inches {mm}
49 {1,240} 56 {1,420} 62 {1,570}
Opening width
Without side cutter inches {mm}
44 {1,110} 55 {1,390} 57 {1,450}
Bucket weight lb {kg} 2,050 {930} 2,380 {1,080} 2,510 {1,140}
Engine Model HINO J08E-UV
Type Direct injection, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine with turbocharger, intercooler (Complies with EU (NRMM) Stage IIIB, EPA Tier IV, and act on regulation, etc. of emission from non- road special motor vehicles (Japan))
Rated power output 286hp {213 kW} / 2,100 rpm {min-1} (ISO 14396)
270hp {201 kW} / 2,100 rpm {min-1} (ISO 9249)
Fuel tank 153.2 U.S.gal {580 L}
Swing System Swing Speed 10.0 rpm {min-1}
Travel System Travel motors 2 x axial-piston, two-step motors
Travel shoes 48 each side
Travel speed 3.5 / 2.0 mph {5.6 / 3.3 km/h}
Drawbar pulling force 72,200 lbs {321 kN} (SAE J 1309)
Gradeability 70% {35°}
Hydraulic System Pump Type Two variable displacement pumps + 1 gear pump
Max.discharge flow 2 x 77.7 U.S.gph {2 x 294 L/min},
1 x 5.3 U.S.gph {1 x 20 L/min}
Hydraulic oil tank 64.7 U.S.gal {245 L} tank oil level
109.1 U.S.gal {413 L} hydraulic system


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