Kobelco SK55SRX-6E

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Full-Size Performance, Short-radius Agility and Quiet Operation


The new KOBELCO SK30SR / SK35SR expands the horizons of mini excavators, and offers practical performance features while maintaining a short tail swing. The new Energy Conservation Mode saves even more fuel, and Kobelco’s proprietary iNDr Cooling System ensures quiet operation, protection from dust, and easy maintenance. For greater operator comfort and safety, the rectangular cab design offers plenty of room and an unobstructed view. It all adds up to enhanced full-size performance, short-radius agility and a low-noise environment, with exceptional performance features and a full range of value-added functions.


Fast, Full-Powered Digging and Leveling
  • Powerful Digging
  • Zero tail Swing and Excellent Side-Ditch Digging
  • More Travel Power
  • Powerful and Efficient Dozer Performance

Exceptional Endurance
  • Highly Reliable Construction -  The boom, arm, and swing bracket all have large cross-section areas that provide added strength to the attachment. This mechanical strength is complemented by a high-strength power line and enhanced cooling function for even more solid power

Easy Maintenance
  • Easy Daily Maintenance - Start-up checks are essential for safe and reliable machine operation. With the SR-5 machines, all start-up checks can be performed at ground level, with an easy-to-understand layout and cover design that simplifies access and reduces maintenance check times.

Comfortable Work Environment
  • Spacious Work Environment -  Broader floor space and a greater sliding range for the seat give operators plenty of foot room. Wide operational space is provided with more room between the left and right control consoles.
  • Easy Access
  • Wide Cab Entryway
  • The most foot room in its class
  • High visibility
  • Added work lights

Operator Safety
  • Newly Developed ROPS Cab
  • Exclusive, Newly Designed ROPS/FOPS Canopy


Model Name SK55SRX
Machine Type SK55SRX-6E
Canopy Cab
Machine Mass kg 11,860 (5,380)* 11,600 (5,260)*
Bucket Bucket capacity cu.yd.{m3} 5.65 (0.16)
STD Bucket Opening Width ft-in {m} 2' 2" (650)
Engine Model YANMAR 4TNV88C-PYB
Type Water cooled, 4-cylce, 4-cylinder,direct injection, diesel engine 
Rated power output hp {kW} / rpm {min-1} 37.4 (27.9)/2,400 (SAE NET)
Fuel tank gal {L} 19.8 (75)
Performance Travel speed mph {km/h} 2.5 (4.0) /1.4 (2.2)
Swing speed min-1{rpm} 8.5
Bucket diging force lbf {kN} Two pin bucket
Ground Pressure psi {kpa} 4.19 (28.9)/4.39 (30.3)* 4.09 (28.2)/4.29 (29.6)*
Dozer Blade Width x Height ft-in {mm} 6' 5" (1,960) x 1' 2" (345)
Working ranges(Up/Down) ft-in {mm} 1' 3" (375) x 1' 3" (385)
Side digging mechanism Type Boom swing
Offset Angle 70º to the left, 60º to the right
Hydraulic System Pump Type Two variable displacement pumps
Swing Motors Axial piston motor
Travel Motors 2 x Axial piston motor
Hydraulic capacity (System) gal {L}
7.4 (27.9) (15.2 (57.7))


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