Rhino Agriculture TS12 Stealth

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The TS12 Stealth features an exclusive close-coupled design for low tongue weight and shorter turning radius, targeting tractors in the 35-50 PTO horsepower class.
Designed specifically for customers with smaller tractors, this machine’s unique ‘stealth’ appearance, its very short wheel base, and its anti-scalp features make this the ideal machine for customers who need a flex-wing cutter’s versatility but may not have a tractor large enough to pull a 15 foot unit. The TS12 offers a full 12' cutting width, 1 1/2" cutting capacity, and is designed for 540 RPM PTO tractors.


• Designed for tractors with 35 - 50 PTO HP.
• Short turning radius for cutting in small areas.
• 1-1/2” cutting capacity.
• Low tongue weight for smaller horsepower tractor applications.
• Unique “wing-bar” blade carrier protects the gearbox output shaft with minimal weight.
• Designed for 540 RPM PTO tractors. Equal angle fully pivoting tongue and direct acting suspension system for uneven terrain.
• Smooth decks for easy cleaning and unobstructed underside for airflow through the high volume cutting chamber.
• Provides dramatic reduction in mowing time compared to most rigid deck cutters.
• Large center section skid shoes and tapered wing shoes provide anti-scalping protection.
• Chain guards included for protection.


Specifications TS12
Cut Width 144”
Transport Width 90”
Overall Width  155”
Overall Length  148”
Cutting Height  1-1/2” - 12”
Height Adjustment  Hydraulic Cylinder
Jack Stand  Standard
Blade Carrier  Wing Bar
Blades  1/2” x 3”
HP Required (Min.)  35 PTO HP
Gearbox Rating* 160 HP Divider
  65 HP Center & Wing
 Output Shaft Diameter  1-9/16”
 Blade Tip Speed (FPM)  14,504 Center/13,925 Wing
 Cut Capacity  1-1/2” Diameter
 Driveline Size  CAT 4 Equal Angle Main/Cat 3 Wing
 Deck Thickness  Center: 10 Ga Bottom, 12 Ga Top
  Wings: Double 12 Ga in high stress areas
Side Skirt 1/4” x 11-1/2”
Tire & Wheel Option Foam Filled Used Airplane Tires or
Laminated Tires
Wing Lift Hydraulics Standard
Wing Flex (Degrees) 88° Up/25° Down
Safety Tow Chain Standard
 Safety Deflector  Chain Guard
Wheel Base 126-1/4”
Tongue Weight 748 lbs
 Weight (Approximate)  2,750 lbs


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