Kobelco Conventional Excavators

From urban centers to mines around the world, Kobelco’s all-out innovation brings you durable, Earth-friendly construction machinery that's fit to perform any task all over the planet. Increased power and better fuel economy bring greater efficiency and performance to any project. The Kobelco Conventional Hydraulic Excavator is more durable than ever, able to withstand the rigors of the toughest job sites. Focusing on the global environment of the future, Kobelco offers next-generation productivity to meet the need for lower life-cycle costs and exceed the expectations of customers world-wide. It all adds up to new levels of value that are a step ahead of the times.

Kobelco Mini Excavators 

Kobelco’s line of mini excavators are widely used at sites where space is limited, such as residential areas and industrial operations. Users want big power in a small machine, stable operation, rugged construction, and durability to reduce downtime. The mini excavator combines a compact design with long digging reach for efficiency, maneuverability, and durability to ensure a long working life.

Kobelco SR Series

Kobelco’s SR hydraulic excavators have undergone a new evolution. By utilizing its full range of fuel-saving technologies in the SR model, we developed an unmatched low fuel consumption that provides a class leading standard of efficiency for engine-driven hydraulic excavators. They offer outstanding performance in tight spaces, on-site safety, and less stress for the operator. Kobelco was first to understand these demands and in response developed SR (short rear swing) excavators. The acclaimed SR concept went on to be adopted throughout the industry. Not resting on past successes, Kobelco was aware of the needs among machine users in a changing social environment. As a result, Kobelco has taken the SR concept through a further evolution with value-added features. Kobelco’s unique design for engine cooling, the iNDr (Integrated Noise & Dust Reduction Cooling System) system, cuts noise to extremely low levels. The newest Kobelco approach to low fuel consumption, NEXT-3E, now also applies to short rear swing models to maximize work volumes while saving on fuel. And the new ECO-mode in the SR excavators creates even greater savings on fuel to turn SR models into exceptional high-earning machines. Kobelco continues to lead the field in short rear swing excavators.

Kobelco Demolition Machines

Since the first vehicle dismantling machine was developed in 1979, Kobelco has delivered more than 1,000 demolition machines to the market. Technical advances all start from customer feedback, and multi-dismantling machines are no exception. The requirements are to take apart vehicle bodies, engines, and other metal components. The equipment must be safe, efficient, and comfortable to handle. The tiniest parts and smallest quantities of metals must be separated for recycling and precision sorting is essential to get high-purity recycled metals. To meet customersʼ needs, Kobelco's equipment has seen constant upgrades to increase productivity due to savings on fuel.

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