Case IH Cotton Picker Yield Monitoring

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Integrated optical sensors are available on Case IH Module Express and Cotton Express cotton pickers. These sensors measure cotton flow information in real time and interface directly with the AFS Pro 700 display.


Cotton Harvesters: Monitor In Real Time

No extra thing to install. Case IH cotton pickers feature integrated optical sensors to measure cotton flow information in real time.

Your AFS Pro 700 display serves as your interface to calibrate the optical sensors, view yield information, monitor basket fill or module formation and control machine functions. You don’t have to install anything extra.

Accurate Monitoring

Track harvest yields in real time with fully integrated AFS yield monitoring. Tests show that yield data is accurate to within 3 percent of actual gin weights.

In addition to displaying machine and yield information, the Case IH AFS Pro 700 display also serves as a module monitor, providing operation status and percent full information to aid you in decision making on module unload.

Easily Download Your Information

With the addition of an AFS 372 receiver to your picker, your AFS Pro 700 (or prior model) display will map and save the data for reference and planning.

Once you’ve gathered all of your yield data, you can quickly and easily download the information to your AFS software or the farm management software of your or your crop consultants’ choice. Use this information to identify high yielding or problem areas and refine your management plan.

In most fields, based on field length and yield possibility, Module Express pickers will be on a field end when the module is between 90 and 125 percent of normal size and ready to unload. Unloading at row ends minimizes handling of the modules - the module truck picks up the module right where it’s unloaded.


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