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Providing industry leading cut and crimp for superior hay quality and optimal windrow formation with a 13 ft (4 m) cutterbar width and 8 discs.


DC133 Disc Mower Conditioners Features:

The Most Reliable Rotary Disc Cutterbed Anywhere

  • A modular cutterbar design with superior crop flow, resulting in less streaking
  • A heavy-duty frame and rugged canopy that have a cantilevered design for smooth crop flow across the cutterbar
  • Shock hubs, now standard on all four models of DC2 rotary disc mowers
  • Roll and flail conditioning options available on all models

Shock Hubs

​Shock hubs are now standard on all four models of DC Series rotary disc mower conditioners. The system replaces the drive hub of discs with a shock hub, making in-field repairs fast and easy.

  • Helps prevent time-robbing, expensive field failures when an obstruction is encountered
  • Shock hub “takes the blow” from collisions with rocks and debris
  • Protects internal components of the cutterbed

Disc Modules

  • Bearings, gears and lubricant for each disc module are individually sealed — damage to one module does not spread to another
  • Modular design ensures complete gear lubrication, even when cutting on slopes
  • Two heavy-duty knives on each disc spin at 3000 rpm to slice through heavy crops
  • Knives are reversible for twice the cutting life
  • One bolt per knife allows for quick flipping or replacing of knives from the front of the cutterbed — without raising the header
  • The steep profile design lifts the crop directly into conditioning rolls
  • Discs are austempered for extra hardness and durability in punishing conditions

Bale or Chop Sooner

  • ​Spiral steel-on-steel or rubber-on-rubber conditioning rolls provide fast drydown
  • Saves time in the field by clearing slugs automatically
  • Allows for easy changes in conditioning intensity
  • Custom-built windrows or swaths
  • Spread the crop out in a wide, fast-drying swath
  • Form the crop into a narrow, fluffy windrow that’s ready for baling or chopping
  • All adjustments to the swathboard, windrow shields and fluffing baffle can be made without tools​

Conditioning Rolls

  • Torsion-bar design
  • Applies equal force to the upper conditioning roll arms
  • Provides uniform conditioning, regardless of crop thickness
  • Intermeshing spiral conditioning rolls have superior crimping and crushing action for faster drydown
  • Rubber-on-rubber conditioning rolls are standard on DC92, DC102 and DC132
  • Rugged steel-on-steel rolls are standard on DC162, optional on DC102 and DC132
  • Easily handle higher crop volume and faster ground speeds
  • No-tools crank adjustment
  • Changing conditioning roll pressure is quick and easy for greater productivity
  • The system releases pressure when the upper roll reaches its maximum opening

Flail Conditioning

  • Now available with all models.
  • Uses tapered flails to pick up crop and rub it together and against the conditioning hood
  • Faster drydown because the waxy layer on the stems is removed and moisture is released quickly
  • Straight flails release crop more easily than competitive systems
  • Produce a more uniform crop mat that lays on top of the stubble
  • Results in better air circulation in the windrow and more thorough drying


Model DC133
Tongue Type Center Pivot
Cutter Bar  
Cutting Width, ft in (m) 13' (3.96)
Cutting Height, in (mm) 0.79 to 2.7 (20 to 69) std; up to 7.8 (198) opt.
Cutter Bar Tilt Angle, degrees -2 to -10
Cutter Bar Lubrication Modular
Number of Discs 8
Number of Knives per Disc 2
Disc Speed, rpm 2250
Disc Cutting Diameter, in (mm) 24.3 (618)
Disc Drive Components Bevel gears
Flotation Vertical and radial, adjustable springs
Windrow / Swath Width, in (mm) Windrow 3' to 8' (0.9 to 2.4 m); Swath 10' to 13' (3 to 4 m)
Conditioner Type Roll or Flail
Conditioner Drive 4 HB V-belt & enclosed gears
Roll Conditioner  
Roll Length, in (mm) 125 (3175)
Roll Diameter, in (mm) 10.38 (264)
Roll Speed, rpm 750 or 640
Roll Material Type Molded rubber
Alternate Roll Material type Steel
Roll Surface Pattern, standard Chevron intermeshing
Flail Conditioner  
Rotor Length, in (mm) 125 (3175)
Rotor Diameter, in (mm) 22 (560)
Rotor Speed, rpm 1042 std; 752 opt.
Number of Flails 120
Flail Shape Tapered
Tractor Requirements  
Tractor PTO Minimum Hp (kW) 90 (67)
PTO Rated Speed, rpm 1000
Hookup to Tractor drawbar Swivel fastened to drawbar, optional
Hookup to Tractor Hitch Lift Arms Swivel on 2-point hitch lift arms optional
Tractor Hitch size Category 2 or 3 drawbar, or Cat. 3, 3-pt hitch
Number of Hydraulic Remotes 2
Hydraulic Relief Pressure, psi (bar) 1500 (103.4)
Transport Width, ft-in (m) 13' 4" (4.06)
Transport Length, ft-in (m) 26' 5" (8.05) drawbar; 27' 5" (8.36) 2-point
Transport Height, ft-in (m) 7' 5" (2.26)
Ground Clearance, in (mm) 16.2 (411)
Weight w/ Roll Conditioner, lbs (kg) 6,275 (2846) rubber rolls; 6,375 (2892) steel rolls
Weight w/ Flail Conditioner, lbs (kg) np
Tire Size 12.5Lx15, 8PR
Sales Literature  
Literature number DC133, DC163 Spreadsheet
Literature date 3/1/2015
Other Documentation  
Document Number --
Document Date --
Entry Date  
Manufacturing Status Current
First Entry Date 7/1/2013
Revision Date 3/1/2015


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