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Ecolo Tiger 875

Striking the right balance between soil tilth, crop residue and seedbed consistency is easier with the new Case IH Ecolo-Tiger® 875. As the most aggressive disk ripper on the market, the Ecolo-Tiger 875 offers excellent residue flow in high-yielding Bt corn stalks thanks to aggressive disk-cutting power, high underframe clearance and minimum 36-inch spacing between points.

Ecolo-Tiger Evolution

The Ecolo-Tiger 875 represents the 8th generation of Ecolo-Tigers, a tradition which began in 1978. With the development of the 875 model, Case IH experts invested five years of intense agronomic research in five states, analyzing five million data points, all with an eye to clearly understanding the field factors likely to impact yield. The Case IH team learned that by better managing residue, soil fracture and most importantly the size of holes and clods left behind, yield potential could be significantly improved. Large holes can collect water, and in combination with large clods they increase the variability in the field, making accurate seed placement at planting impossible. Based on the research findings, as many as 3,000 plants per acre, or 7 to 10 percent of the total stand could be lost to poor seedbed conditions.

Adapt In Adverse Conditions

One outcome of this research, the Case IH patented double-edge reel, sizes any remaining large clods and levels the soil more to eliminate lost yield potential. In the new Ecolo-Tiger 875, the double-edge reel has a hydraulic option, allowing producers to position the reel from the cab. This best-in-class option allows operators to float over wet spots in the field by raising the basket. It provides level output over varying soil types for improved seed beds and resists plugging in wet conditions. Other rear options include a mechanical-positioned double-edge reel; a 5-bar spike harrow; and a 3-bar coil-tine harrow.

Durability Built-in

Like its predecessor, the Ecolo-Tiger 875 efficiently sizes and mixes tough, heavy residue, while leveling the soil for a smooth seedbed. Case IH engineers equipped this new model with redesigned high density Tiger points for improved durability while maintaining the lift, twist and roll action that is an Ecolo-Tiger and Tiger point hallmark. This action not only fractures compaction, but also works to relocate soil particles for superior soil tilth. In addition, Earth Metal® blades are now standard equipment on both gang and individual disk blade models.

An aquant powder coat paint finish adds even more durability to the Ecolo-Tiger 875 with 400 percent more resistance to impact, scratching and paint fading vs. prior models. This paint finish is the result of Case IH’s expansion of its Goodfield, Ill., plant, which allowed for the addition of a multistage auto deposition primer dip paint system with a powder topcoat. Customers benefit from an even more rugged red paint finish that looks better rolling off the factory line, lasts throughout the life of the disk ripper and improves resale value.

Ecolo Tiger 875

Rugged Construction

The Ecolo-Tiger 870 is built to last:

  • Welded, heavy-duty frame for long life
  • Earth Metal® blades, optional cast nodular spools
  • 26-in. (660-mm) Cushion Gang® disks or 24-in. (610-mm) individual disks
  • 36-in. (914-mm) underframe clearance with replaceable wear shin for excellent protection against rocks
  • 8- or 10-bolt wheels, high-performance tires, heavy-duty replaceable spindles
  • All-new shank assembly for improved wear life and durability

250-hour service interval for simple maintenance:

  • Poly brushings on all pivot points eliminates the need for greasing
  • Fewer bearings and moving parts than other models

Productive design

  • Industry-leading 7 mph (11 kph) operating speed saves time and optimizes the power of your tractor
  • Multiple working widths to match a wide range of horsepower availability:
    • 14-ft. (4.2-m), 7-shank requires 252–280 PTO hp (188–140 kW)
    • 18-ft. (5.5-m), 9-shank requires 324–360 PTO hp (242–268 kW)
    • 22-ft. (6.7-m), 11-shank requires 385–440 PTO hp (287–328 kW)
    • 26-ft. (7.9-m), 13-shank requires 455–520 PTO hp (339–388 kW)
  • Narrow disk spacing reduces stalk size for improved residue flow and better mixing
  • Shanks and tires spaced for optimum flow
  • Extra underframe clearance eliminates plugging
  • Single-point depth control
  • Narrow transport width gets you from field to field faster; all Ecolo-Tiger models are less than 18 ft. (5.5 m) inside the tires for most matching 4WD tractors

Seedbed Preparation

The Ecolo-Tiger 870 output allows for faster, shallower spring field operations resulting in high Net Effective Stands and higher yield potential.

    • Excellent at fracturing root-limiting compaction and creating superior soil tilth
      • 2-in. (51-mm) and 7-in. (178-mm) patented Case IH Tiger® points on 24-in. (610-mm) centers fracture hardpan
      • Tiger points not only fracture compaction, but also work to relocate soil particles through a unique lifting, twisting and rolling action
      • All shanks run full depth to remove hardpan and restore pore space for drainage and water-holding capacity
    • Effectively sizes and mixes tough Bt corn residue to capture nutrient value
      • Outstanding stalk-cutting ability
      • Cycles nutrients locked up in Bt crop residues
    • Properly conditions soil and residue in advance of later planting operations:
      • Double-edged reel sizes large clods and levels soil
      • Single-rank, opposing disks leave no ridges in the field
      • Superior residue flow increases organic matter content in the soil, promotes water infiltration, and reduces runoff and soil erosion


Double-Edged Reels

Optional, patented, double-edged reels are exclusive to the Ecolo-Tiger 870.

  • Double-edged reel is stronger and cuts better than helical flats
  • Baskets are close-coupled to welded frame, helping to withstand shock

Additional Disk Ripper

Ecolo-Tiger 527B

Excellent Option For Smaller Tractors

  • PTO hp requirement of just 140–180 (104–134 kW)
  • Manages residue, controls compaction and levels your fields in one pass

Ecolo-Tiger 30C

The Ecolo-Tiger® 530C and 730C features are field-tested, proven tools recently improved with more than 23 design updates.

  • Smoother residue flow due to:
    • Increased mainframe length
    • Added clearance
    • Increased rank between front and rear disks
  • Increased strength
  • Improved load ratings
  • 24-in. (610-mm)-diameter, shallow-concavity blades
    • Improves residue cutting
    • Enhances soil penetration capability
  • Massive 1.5x6-in. (38x152-mm) parabolic shanks and Tiger® points increase soil tilth
    • Improve water and nutrient absorption
    • Produce better stands and higher yields
    • Ecolo-Tiger 530C, 5-shank requires 175–240 PTO hp (131–179 kW)
    • Ecolo-Tiger 730C, 7-shank requires 245–340 PTO hp (183–254 kW)


Conser-Till 690 Mulch-Till Ripper

The Conser-Till® 690 mulch-till ripper provides a unique package of conservation-tillage features to break up compaction while keeping crop residue on the surface:

  • Shallow-concavity front disk blades
  • Proven Case IH deep, parabolic shanks with patented Tiger® points
  • Full-concavity rear disk blade

These features provide superior performance without the speed sensitivity of other-brand machines. Two working widths are available:

  • 12.5-ft. (3.8-m), 5-shank requires 125–250 PTO hp (93–186 kW)
  • 17.5-ft. (5.3-m), 7-shank requires 175–350 PTO hp (130–261 kW)

Crop Residual Management

Case IH disk rippers help you cut, size and mix crop residue to reduce erosion and increase production capacity. This effective crop residue management allows you to:

  • Increase organic-matter content in the soil
  • Provide a soil/residue mixture that allows moisture to penetrate the subsoil faster
  • Decrease erosion through improved porosity and drainage

Seedbed Conditioning

The Flexibilty for any task

Case IH disk rippers give you the flexibility to finish the field to match your farming practices. Creating a first-pass soil surface that settles level prior to secondary tillage and planting:

  • Maximizes each plant’s yield potential
  • Leads to a more uniform plant stand

The Crumbler 160 (round bar or flat bar):

  • Breaks up large soil clods
  • Knocks soil off root crowns
  • Creates smoother conditions for easier spring seedbed preparation

Crumbler 160 Optional Attachment

The Case IH Crumbler® 160 seedbed finisher can be attached to any Case IH disk ripper for:

  • Fertilization
  • Secondary tillage
  • Planting

Disk level’r Optional Attachment

Use a Case IH disk level’r™ to evenly distribute soil and residue across the soil surface.

  • Allows you to apply heavier down-pressure
  • Creates a more uniform surface
    • Promotes consistent warming for earlier planting in the spring

The disk level’r on Ecolo-Tiger® 530C and 730C models has been strengthened for longer life and features on-the-go hydraulic adjustment.

Soil Tilth

Ideal soil composition — known as soil tilth — is 50 percent soil and 50 percent pore space, with water and air equally distributed within the pore space. Soil compaction eliminates this needed pore space and is a common yield-robbing culprit. It can be caused by:

  • Numerous passes of heavy equipment
  • Planting early in wet soil
  • The hydraulic effect of heavy rains
  • Repetitive conventional/traditional tillage at the same depth
  • Varying soil textures throughout a field
  • Lack of crop rotation

Controlling Compaction

Proper primary tillage using a Case IH disk ripper effectively fractures compaction to:

  • Increase soil tilth
  • Allow vigorous root development
  • Promote better stands and higher-yielding plants
  • Warm soils faster and more evenly for earlier spring planting
  • Increase water absorption
  • Reduce ponding

Patented Tiger Points

Patented Case IH Tiger® points, featured on all Case IH disk rippers, have wings that extend downward, rearward and outward.

This revolutionary design creates a “lift, twist and roll” action that:

  • Shatters compaction
  • Relocates soil particles
  • Creates an open, mellow, healthier soil with excellent pore space and distribution
  • Allows for maximum soil tilth

Optional Lead Shanks

The Case IH Ecolo-Tiger® 530C and 730C disk rippers can be fitted with optional lead shanks to prefracture the soil ahead of the main ripping shanks. The addition of this option:

  • Enhances tillage
  • Reduces clod size


Make Case IH
Model Ecolo-Tiger 870, 11-Shank
Fore-aft configuratiion Disk-Disk-Shanks-Leveler Disks
Primary blade type, disk or coulter Disk
Manufacturer's description of machine Disk Ripper
Working width, ft in (m) 22' (6.71)
Transport width, ft in (m) 16' 10" (5.13)
Overall length, ft in (m) 33' 10" (10.31)
Total weight, lb (kg) 25,200 (11440)
Disk blade diameter, in (mm) 24 (610) std; 26 (660) opt.
Disk blade thickness , in (mm) 0.256 (6.5)
Disk blade spacing , in (mm) 15 (381) indexed std; 12 (305) indexed opt.
Disk mounting, individual or gang Individual "C" hangers w/24" std; gangs w/ 26" opt
First disk angle or gang angle, degrees 15
Second disk angle gang angle, degrees 15
Disk operating depth, maximum, in (mm) np
Disk depth adjustment Stop collars on lift cylinders; Hyd. single point opt.
Number of main shanks 11
Shank spacing, in (mm) 24 (610)
Shank operating depth, maximum, in (mm) 8 to 14 (203 to 356)
Standard shank design Parabolic, spring reset
Standard shank trip force, lb (kg) 3,000 (1360)
Optional shank design Parabolic, shear bolt
Optional shank trip force, lb (kg) np
Underframe clearance, in (mm) 36.5 (927)
Obstruction clearance, trip height, in (mm) 13 (330)
Disk blade diameter, rear, in (mm) 18 (459)
Disk blade spacing, rear, in (mm) Opposing disks behind each shank
Disk mounting, rear, individual or gang Pairs
Rear disk blade angle or gang angle, degrees Opposing angles to level shank furrows
Frame description, Non-folding, Folding, Flex Folding
Pull type hitch system, rigid or level lift Constant level hitch, adjustable
Transport wheel mounting, single, dual, walking tandem Walking tandem
Transport Tire size (number of tires) 16.5Lx16.1 (four)
Required power, hp (kW) 425 to 535 (317 to 399)
Rolling Reel / Basket available, standard or optional Optional
Spike harrow, available, standard or optional Standard
Coil tine harrow available, standard or optional No
Rear hitch No
Other optional attachment No
Literature Number SP-4029-12
Literature Date 10/1/2012
Manual Number SP-4036-12
Manual Date 10/1/2012
Manufacturing status Current
First Entry Date 10/1/2008
Revision Date 12/1/2012
na = Not Applicable, np = Not Published  


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