Case IH Utility Farmall 110U

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With a semi-powershift transmission and optional suspended cab, Farmall 110U tractors provide greater versatility, comfort and ease of use.



Optimal Horsepower, Efficient Operations, No Regeneration

Similar to larger Case IH tractors, the Farmall utility U series tractors feature the groundbreaking engineering of Case IH FPT Engines. This powerful, 4-cylinder 3.4L FPT engine features a quick throttle response and builds power fast. Yet, the precise electronic metering of fuel delivered with electronic high-pressure common-rail fuel injection ensures efficient operation while maintaining high horsepower levels.

Unlike some competitive utility tractors, Farmall medium utility U series tractors do not require a diesel particulate filter, avoiding downtime and increasing productivity with no regeneration.


Proven ActiveDrive 4 (Semi-Powershift Transmission)

The 16×16 speed semi-powershift transmission earned its top-of-the-line reputation in our Maxxum series tractors. The high-performance transmission includes a clutch-free, electrohydraulic power shuttle for smooth directional changes, plus a host of features designed to help increase operator productivity and reduce fatigue.

Creeper Transmission
For specialty-crop and other operations that require precision, choose the 32×32 creeper transmission option.

Better Braking
The transmission on Farmall medium utility U tractors features a brake system that improves braking performance. Optional heavy-duty brake disks offer extended life over standard brakes.

Operator Environment

Setting the Standard in a Premium Workspace

Farmall medium utility U series tractors offer a premium operator environment. Best-in-class accessibility, comfort and visibility help you take on any job the day throws your way — even if it takes all day.

• Comfort is crucial for long days in the field – a large, flat-floor operator area, an optional suspended cab for a smoother ride, easy access to the driver’s seat with multiple seat options, and additional cab comforts such as an updated HVAC system.

• Convenience is provided through an electronic or mechanical joystick, ergonomic controls for easy access, more storage space.

• A two-post roll-over protection structure (ROPS) provides protection without sacrificing visibility.

• Visibility is enhanced through a sloped hood for unobstructed forward sightlines, a curved front window frame for better loader visibility, and well-placed controls that don’t inhibit visibility.

• Exterior features allow for an even better ride with LED lighting options, mirror options and dual fender controls.

PTO Options

Power Take-Off Options For Any Operation

Choose the PTO configuration that best meets your needs and the way you plan to use your tractor. A 540/1,000 rpm PTO comes standard. Or select the shiftable 540/540E/1,000 rpm option, and take advantage of the increased fuel efficiency the 540E PTO offers during less-demanding applications.

Push-pull button. Farmall medium utility U tractors feature simple push-pull button electrohydraulic engagement. Shift among the three speeds of the optional 540/540E/1,000 PTO using an in-cab lever.

Auto-PTO Engagement
With this optional feature, the PTO automatically engages or disengages based on a 3-point hitch position set-point. So, for example, your tractor operates more efficiently when operating equipment, such as a 3-point-mounted finishing mower.


Efficiently Power Through A Full Day’s Work

The open-center hydraulic system features closed-center load sensing remotes to safely power hydraulic motors. Rear remote couplers are located on the left-hand side, making it easier to connect implement hydraulics.

• Independent Pumps: Tandem hydraulic pumps work independently for better efficiency and improved performance during heavy lifting.

• Rear Remotes: Farmall medium utility U series tractors include three standard rear remotes, two with configurable detents.

• Mid-mount: Options include a two-function mechanical or two-function electronic valve.

• Joystick: Choose between the standard mechanical joystick or the optional electronic joystick for loader operation. Both options feature integrated clutch and convenient transmission upshift and downshift buttons.

• Flow Rate: Farmall medium utility U series tractors feature a fixed displacement implement pump flow of 21.1 gpm.

• Loader Lift Capacity: Paired with Case IH L103 loader provides a lift capacity of 2,359 lb. for non-self-leveling and 3,461 lb. for self-leveling (maximum height 31.5 inches forward of pivot pins)


Hitch Capacities to Meet Your Needs

The Farmall medium utility U series 3-point hitch (category 2) offers many of the settings and features found on larger tractors. The rear end of the tractor features two external, double-acting 80 mm diameter cylinders capable of handling the heaviest implements.

• Easy Hooks-Ups: Standard telescopic lower links and stabilizers and dual turnbuckle adjustment simplifies implement attachment and leveling and a single turnbuckle provides fore/aft leveling.

• Hitch Lift Capacities: Two external, double-acting 80mm diameter cylinders provide 8,089 lb. of lift capacity, measured 24 inches behind the pin.

• Precision Control: The same 3-point hitch controls you’ll find on our larger Maxxum® series tractors. Electronic hitch controls allow for precise hitch movement. Fine tune 3-point operation with draft sensitivity adjustment, drop-rate adjustment, maximum lift settings and a wheel-slip threshold setting.

• Swinging Drawbar: A standard swinging drawbar lets you customize hitched implements to your desired position or move the drawbar to keep it out of the way when not in use.

• Optional Front Hitch/PTO: Adding the optional multifunctional front axle support allows you to expand the versatility of your utility Farmall medium utility U tractor. The front PTO is an excellent option to power pumps or operate side mowers. The front hitch folds out of the way to maintain loader compatibility.

Axles and Tires

The Right Traction and Tires for the Job

No matter the job — whether in the hayfield or the feedlot or moving bales or pushing snow, Farmall medium utility U tractors deliver all the power and traction you need.


• The standard 1.5 HD axle features electrohydraulic engagement and electrohydraulic front differential lock for greater traction when required and the solid, cast axle has a dynamic (continuous) capacity of 7,715 lbs.

• Optional suspended front MFD axle provides additional traction and operator comfort with its electrohydraulic MFD and differential lock engagement and the dual accumulator system dampens both ends of the stroke. The ability to choose automatic self-leveling or manual leveling lets you customize your ride.


MODEL Farmall Utility 110U
Classification Horsepower 110
Drive Type Wheeled Tractor
Drive Configuration 4WD
Application Utility Tractor
Engine Power hp [ kW ] 107 [80]
PTO Power hp [ kW ] 93 [69]
540 Available? Yes
540E Available? Yes
1000 Available? Yes
Engine Make FPT
Transmission Type Semi Powershift
Number of Forward Speeds 16
Number of Reverse Speeds 16
Implement Pump Flow gallons (US) / min [ lt/min ] 21.1 [80]
Standard Pump Pressure PSI [ bar ]  
Number of Remote Valves 2 std; 3 opt
Standard Lift Capacity 24 Inches Behind Pin lbs [ kg ] 8809 [3996]
Max. Lift Capacity lbs [ kg ] 8809 [3996]
Wheelbase/Trackbase inches [ mm ] 93.7 [2380]
Length inches [ mm ] 165 [4191]
Height to Top of Cab inches [ mm ] 107 [2720]
Overall Width inches [ mm ] 88.5 [2248]
Weight, Total Allowable lbs [ kg ] 17637 [8000]


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