Krone EasyCut F 320 CV

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EasyCut F 320 CV Front-Mounted Disc Mowers has a work width of 3.16 m (10'4") with a push or pull-type configuration. This model offers intensive conditioning from V-shaped steel tines at steep angles or chevron-profiled rollers. variable conditioning intensity is from a 600 / 900 rpm gearbox with an adjustable baffle plate (CV).


The better cut The wedge-shaped cutterbar adjusts through a large setting range to cut short stubble in meadows and pastures and longer stubble in longstemmed field crops. EasyCut cuts blockage-free and clean. Benefitting from massive double spur gear bearings that are spaced at large gaps, the cutterbars are heavy-duty and hardwearing.

The Original: The Krone developed satellite driveline comprises massive spur gears with up to 66 teeth which transfer the power all the way down to the very last disc. Revolving at lower speeds, the large-diameter gears always have a number of teeth in mesh at any one time, giving quiet running, ultimate efficiency and maximum longevity. With each of the auxiliary gears driving just one disc, it is exposed to only minimum mechanical strain.

• Full driveline protection
• Neighboring discs will not collide
• No wear and damage
• Quick roll pin change, minimum costs

Peace Of Mind: 
Instead of transferring the full shockload to the spur gears, the roll pin in the sprocket driveshaft breaks when there is a momentary overload. The pinion shaft continues spinning, jacking up the disc in question and the disc moves out of the risk zone and the orbit of the neighboring discs. This way SafeCut prevents damage to the spur gears and the neighboring discs. Replacing the roll pin takes a few minutes and is not very costly.

Front-Mounted Mowers With Tine/Roller Conditioners:
• Work width: 3.16 m (10'4")
• Push or pull-type configuration
• Intensive conditioning from V-shaped steel tines at steep angles or chevron-profiled rollers
• Variable conditioning intensity from a 600 / 900 rpm gearbox and an adjustable baffle plate (CV)
• One or both rollers are gearbox driven

Cutting & Conditioning In One Pass:
Featuring either a large 64 cm (2'1") diameter tined rotor or two 25 cm (10") rollers, the front-mounted mower F 320 CV with tine conditioner and F 320 CR with roller conditioner are specialists for making high-quality forage, delivering best conditioning quality even in high-yielding crops.

Floating Cutterbar Suspension:
The ground pressure on the pushed versions of EasyCut F 320 CV and CR is optimized either manually on cranks or hydraulically as an option. The hydraulic option comes with a pressure gauge that is mounted in the operator’s line of vision. By kinematic interaction of springs and arms it is possible to maintain a consistent ground pressure in rough terrain.

Trailed EasyCut F 320 CV:
The EasyCut F 320 CV model is also marketed in trailed configuration, which has the suspension springs integrated in the machine’s headstock. The tension of the two springs is controlled from one single crank. This type of suspension allows the machine to break back and up through a larger angle, hence making it more suitable for applications in rolling land.


Model EasyCut F 320 CV
Work width                                                      Approx. mm 3,160 (10'4")
Transport width                                              Approx. mm 3,000 (9'10")
No. of discs 5
No. of drums 2
SafeCut Standard
Quick-change blades Standard
Windrow width                                               Approx. mm 1,300 - 2,700 (4'3" - 8'10")
CV conditioner with steel tines Standard Standard –
Mechanical conditioner gearbox 600
Mechanical conditioner gearbox                    600/900 rpm Standard
Roller conditioner
Upper roller drive
Wide spreading deflector plates Option
PTO speed                                                                   rpm 1,000
Dead weight                                                    Approx. kg 1,080 (2,381)
Power requirement                                   Approx. kW/hp 59 / 80
Hydraulic pressure control Option (1 da spool)
Hydraulic guard fold Option (1 da spool)
Work rate                                                     Approx. ha/h
3.5 - 4.0
(8.6 - 9.9)


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