Krone EasyCut B 1000 CR

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Redefining acreage: 
• Up to 10.10 m (33'2") work width
• EasyCut B 1000 CV with steel tine conditioner
• EasyCut B 1000 CR with grippy roller conditioner
• Hydraulic balance control maintaining the ground pressure
• Impact damage protection

Combi Float: 
Combi Float is a special feature on EasyCut B 1000 CV and EasyCut B 1000 CR with their huge 10.10 m (33'2") work widths and high performance CV or CR conditioner. The automatic and hydro-pneumatic Combi Float control system is a unique system that is not available elsewhere. It integrates the tractor‘s hydraulic system, thus making up for the shortcomings of hydro-pneumatic pressure control systems.

Combi Float Benefits: 
• The automatic suspension control system maintains identical pressures on both wing mowers when they work in offset position and in undulating fields
• Easy adjustment of the mower suspension system from the tractor seat and on the move
• Lightweight, hardwearing, easy pulling and compact

The system uses extra spools and the circuit of the single-acting coupler with free return line to maintain the pressure inside the reservoirs of the hydro-pneumatic system. The advantage of this system is that it maintains a uniform suspension of both mowers in undulating terrain and when working at various work widths.

No Stripes: 
• Hydraulic overlap adjustment
• Large setting range of up to 40 cm (1'4") per side
• Clean cuts in bends and on slopes

CV conditioner: 
• Continuous crop flow from 25 cm (10") diameters

• Hight throughputs from powered processor rollers
• Top-notch conditioning effect from meshing surfaces
•Great longevity from polyurethane coating


Model EasyCut
B 1000 CR
Work width                                                 approx. mm 9.300 - 10.100
(30'6" - 33'2")
Work width per rear mower                      approx. mm 3.600 (11'10")
Total transport width                                 approx. mm 2.950 (9'8")
Storage height                                           approx. mm 4.200 (13'9")
Transport height at 250 / 200 mm ground
clearance                                                     approx. mm
4.000 (13'2")
No. of discs* 12
No. of top hats* 4
Quick-changing knives Standard
SafeCut Standard
Conditioner PU roller
Rotor diameter                                             approx. mm 2 x 250 (2 x 10")
Conditioner speed                                                    rpm 750
Cross conveyor belts
Pto                                                                           rpm 1.000
Spools required 1 sa
and free return**
Load-sensing Standard
Dead weight*                                                approx. kg
Power requirement                                               kW/hp 180
Area output min. approx.                            ha / h (acre) 10 - 14 (25 - 35)

*without front mower **or load-sensing


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