Krone EasyCut 280 CRi-Q

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Krone EasyCut 280 CRi-Q Rear-Mounted Disc Mowers has a 25 cm (9.8") diameter rotor for smooth crop flow. Its design allows it to last long and stay durable even under the toughest conditions. It carries Polyurethane coating for long service life and a Separate roller drive for high throughputs. There is also Chevron profiled rollers for a film grip on the crop.


The Cutterbar:
• The cutterbar is permanently lubricated, fully welded and absolutely leak-proof
• Wedge-shaped profile Clean cutting
• Extra wide and hardened flotation skids
• No inner shoe Blockage-free mowing
• Massive spur gears Efficient driveline

The new disc shear-off system brings unique protection and operational reliability to EasyCut mowers with and without conditioner. The situation is familiar to every farmer – a disc collides with a foreign object, is damaged and requires repair. Offering a maximum of protection, the Krone SafeCut does not transfer the full shockload to the spur gears. Instead, the roll pin in the sprocket driveshaft breaks when there is a momentary overload. The pinion shaft continues spinning, jacking up the disc in question and moving it out of the risk zone and the orbit of the neighboring discs. As a result, SafeCut prevents damage to the spur gears and the neighboring discs. The roll pin shears off. This cuts the driveline and stops the disc, which jacks 15 mm (0.6") up a thread. This eliminates any risk of colliding and damaging the neighboring disc.

Krone DuoGrip:
• Double mounting center of gravity suspension, parallelogram linkage guidance
• Uniform ground pressure across the entire work width
• Large pivot range Perfect ground hugging
• Excellent guidance Clean cuts Less side thrust

A perfect and clean cut is at the heart of high-quality forage. As a result, it is not only the design of the cutterbar but also its suspension system that is important here. KRONE DuoGrip not only suspends the mower in its center of gravity but also provides the unit with lateral guidance. The system maintains the ground pressure across the full work width and provides highest stability, lowest weight and optimum side control.

Efficiency is one parameter in hay and forage harvesting, quality is another. The high-performance KRONE CV conditioner with V-type steel tines evenly conditions the crop across the full working width to speed up wilting, reduce field traffic and produce top-quality forage.

Two In One:
Cutterbar and conditioner share the same gearbox, which also integrates the two-speed mechanical CV conditioner gearbox (600 rpm and 900 rpm).

V-type pivoting steel tines and a steplessly adjustable baffle plate provide uniform crop treatment, reduce machine wear and optimize adaptation to crop conditions.

The V-type steel tines in combination with the baffle plate condition the crop at optimal intensity and without damaging the crop structure. Operators can set the windrow width to tractor track width and tire size and avoid tractor wheels running on the cut forage. This option offers great benefits on boggy terrain, where the mat is at risk of getting caked to the ground. These windrows are perfect for the following harvesters like round balers and forage wagons.

Full-Width Conditioning: 
Specified with V-type steel tines and baffle plate, the conditioner spans the entire work width – from the left to the right top hat. The goal is a uniform crop flow across the entire work width and best conditioning results. Optional guide plates are available for wide spreading and even faster conditioning.

Low Transport Height: 
Thanks to its low pivot point on the headstock, the Z-type arm is able to fold even a 3.14 mm (10'4") EasyCut model sideways into the vertical transport position.


Model EasyCut 280 CRi-Q
Work width                                  approx. mm 2,710 (8'11")
Transport width                           approx. mm 2,010 (6'7")
Transport height                          approx. mm 3,270 (6'5")
Transport position 110° upward
No. of discs 4
No. of top hats 2
Quick-change blades Standard
SafeCut ---
Conditioner speed 760 rpm
Rotor diameter                                          mm ---
Roller diameter                                         mm 250 (9.8")
Windrow width                           approx. mm 900 - 2,060 (2'11"- 6'9")
Spreading width                         approx. mm ---
Area output                approx. ha/h (acre/hr) 3.0 - 3.5 (7.0 - 8.5)
Weight                                   approx. kg(lbs) 1,060 (2,336)
Power requirement                             kW/hp 58/80
Hydraulic couplers 1 sa / 1 da
Link arm pins Cat II & III
PTO speed                             Standard rpm
                                                Optional rpm


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