Krone KW 15.02 / 14 T Trailed Rotary Tedder

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12 to 14 rotors
Maneuverable V-frame: KW 13.02 T and KW 15.02 T are pulled by a sturdy V-frame. The frame and the pivoting two-point attachment make for tightest headland turns.

A machine customized to your needs

Fold/unfold while stationary
Easy operation
Compact transport position
Built-in road stability
40 km/h (25 mph) road travel


The driveline

Permanently lubricated rotor gearboxes: The enclosed liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes that drive the rotors are absolutely maintenance-free. Permanent lubrication gives peace of mind and increases the machine’s longevity. The chunky boxsection chassis absorbs all shock loads on the frame.

The dependable system: When it comes to preparing wilted silage and hay, KRONE is the manufacturer that offers a large and extensive range of high-quality and dependable rotary tedders. These machines not only deliver high-quality work and feature a high level of standard specification but also boast a host of innovative features including maintenance-free OctoLink finger clutches and liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes to drive the rotors. OctoLink is our extremely hardwearing clutch, which forms a frictional connection at all times and yet requires no attention at all. Some of its eight fingers are always in mesh, even when the rotors are folded through 180 degrees.

The rotors

5, 6 or 7 tine arms: The KRONE KW and KWT rotary tedders are available in various work widths and dimensions. Yet the rotor diameters and the number of tine arms used on each rotor also vary to suit your special needs and requirements. Pick the KRONE machine that is tailored to your conditions – small-diameter rotors with 5 tine arms per rotor, mediumsized diameter rotors with 6 tine arms and large-diameter rotors with up to 7 arms.

Uniform distribution of the material: The tine arms mesh as they rotate, spreading the material uniformly across the working width to ensure the best possible wilt for quality forage. The smaller the rotor diameter, the larger the orbital overlap.

Clean forage, uniform spread: Quality requires us to start with the basics. This is how we achieve high standards. The rotors on the KRONE rotary tedders are the ideal equipment to produce quality forage for on-farm use. These rotors spin for you – in hay and silage. The two 9.5 mm (0.4") legs that form one pair of tines vary in length to provide the special KRONE combing effect for optimum treatment and cleanest forage. Five coils on each Super C steel spring tine give flexibility and strength. Special stops on the ends of the tube-section tine holders ensure no tines are lost.

Adjusting to needs The hex-head bolt on a separate eccentric plate instantly locks the double tine in one of three positions to provide more or less vigorous action and achieve optimum results in all conditions.

High performer in arduous conditions: Heavy-duty tine arms (38 mm x 4 mm (1.5" x 0.2") tube steel) and a special ring attachment system combine to provide dependable performance in tough and permanent operation. KRONE technology gives you true peace of mind in the most difficult conditions.

The meaningful system

•  Central border spreading control spreads the crop away from the boundary for easier harvesting
•  The angle of throw is adjusted without tools to adapt to varying crops and yields
•  The rotors run on large wheels with inner tubes, which give excellent guidance for cleanest sweeps and dependable operation
•  Anti-wrap guards ensure a smooth crop flow and trouble-free work

Tedding at a steep angle, turning at a shallow angle: Setting the angle from 13 to 19 degrees is an easy job, which is carried out quickly on a pin-and-hole system on the brackets that hold the wheel arms. The steep position is preferred during tedding; the shallow position is best for turning. Also, the angle setting system adapts the rotors accurately to the stubble height and yield, ensuring thorough work across the full work width. Fascinating details: Thought-through details and high operator comfort boost the efficiency of your operation. The central border spreading facility ensures you are not wasting a single stem along the boundaries. In addition, it allows you to spread uphill with the machine running at an angle to the tractor. The rotor tilt is adjusted without the need of tools for perfect adaptation to the current crop and yield. Tedding every stem, the machine provides uniform conditioning for best quality feed.


  KW 15.02 / 14 T
Work width to DIN 11220 mm 15,250 (50')
Acreage Approx. ha/h
Transport width mm 2,880 (9'5")
Storage height mm 1,350 (4'5")
Min. power requirement Min. kW/hp 51/70
Weight Approx. kg 2,110 (4,651.7 lbs)
No. of rotors 14
No. of tine arms per rotor 6
Tire size 18/8.50 x 8
Tire size on running gear
Trailed Tractor link arms
Border spreading system hydraulic
Attachment category Cat I / II
Hydraulic couplers 1 da
Angle of throw 14° - 19°


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