Krone Fortima F 1250 MC

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The fixed chamber models
Fortima F 1250: 1.25 m x 1.20 m (4'1" x 3'11") diameter bales
Fortima F 1600: 1.55 m x 1.20 m (5'1" x 3'11") diameter bales
Enclosed bale chamber with strong slat-and-chain elevator
Firm and well-shaped bales produced from low input power


Pick-up EasyFlow

Reduced wear costs yet optimized crop collection: EasyFlow is a camless pick-up that does without a cam track, offering obvious advantages over controlled system: A simple assembly uses fewer moving parts than controlled cam tracks and gives extremely quiet running, which in turn reduces wear and tear and ultimately service and maintenance and service costs. EasyFlow – a powerful system that leaves no stem behind.

Roller crop guard: The unit eliminates the risk of pushing up crop in uneven windrows. The machine operates at maximum pick-up and output levels while the crop is flowing smoothly and consistently through the machine.

Massive augers: Massive augers feed the material from the sides to the middle of the machine, ensuring a smooth flow from the wide pick-up unit into the narrow bale chamber.

Closely spaced tines: Boasting fi ve rows of tines spaced 55 mm (2") apart, EasyFlow picks up even short stems. The deflector plates are galvanized for ultimate durability.

Optimized design for an optimized crop flow: The EasyFlow pick-up forms a compact unit that comprises either a feed rotor or a cutting rotor. The clearance between rotor and baling chamber was increased and the rotor was arranged right behind the pick-up itself to increase the intake capacity and ensure a consistent fl ow even in short stems.


The cutting-edge concept

  • Controlled cutting results in a superior quality
  • 64 mm (2.5") chops by the full set of 17 knives
  • Central knife selection system quickly changes cutting lengths

Perfect cuts: A maximum of 17 knives are narrowly spaced at 64 mm (2.5") to produce bales that are easy to break up and spread. The knives are arranged in one row for an excellent quality of cut.

Fully protected: The automatic ‘Non-Stop’ auto-reset system and the hydraulic 0-blade selection system are standard specifi cation. The hydraulic 0-blade selection is used to remove potential blockages from the feed channel.

The controlled cutting system by KRONE: The double tines pull the crops consistently through the blades. The clearance between the blades and the double tines is very narrow so the crop cannot escape and the cuts are clean and precise.

The chain-and-slat elevator
A gripping system

  • High baling densities
  • Powerful bale roll
  • Less fragmentation
  • Low power input

The ‘grippy’ system for straw, hay and silage bales: Round balers harvest straw, hay and wilted silage around the world in a wide variety of conditions that require full operational reliability. The chainand-slat elevators respond to these requirements and operate dependably in all these conditions. These elevators will deliver – gentle but firm on the material, with slats ‘meshing’ with the bale to provide positive rotation and maximum baling pressure.

Longevity and high density: The heavy-duty chain-and-slat elevator runs on massive guide and drive rollers. The use of more chain links distributes the load more evenly and the use of massive rollers increases the angle at which the chains change direction, reducing the wear on the elevator, increasing its capacity and leading to smooth running. Individual chain links are easy to replace as required.


Model Fortima F 1250 MC
Bale width approx. mm 1.200 (3'11")
Bale diameter approx. mm 1.250 (4'1")
Length approx. mm 4.100 (13'5")
Machine length incl. ejector approx. mm 4.100 (13'5")
Height approx. mm 2.520 (8'3")
Single-axle model width by tyre size
11.5/80 -15.3 10 PR       approx. mm
15.0/55 -17 10 PR          approx. mm
19.0/45 -17 10 PR          approx. mm
500/50 -17 10 PR           approx. mm

2.570 (8'5")
2.670 (8'9")
2.700 (8'10")
Tandem-axle model width by tyre size
11.5/80 -15.3 10 PR       approx. mm
15.0/55 -17 10 PR          approx. mm
19.0/45 -17 10 PR          approx. mm

2.840 (9'4")
2.950 (9'8")
Camless pick-up
Collection width (DIN 11220)      approx. mm
2.050 (6'9")
Number of tine rows 5
Feed rotor -
Rotor cutter Standard
Maximum number of knives 17
Minimum knife spacing          approx. mm 64 (2.5")
Available tyres for single-axle models
15.0/55-17 10 PR
19.0/45-17 10 PR
500/50-17 10 PR
Available tyres for tandem-axle models
15.0/55-17 10 PR
19.0/45-17 10 PR
Minimum tractor power           kW/hp 36 / 50
Power input 12 V
Speed                     rpm 540
Hydraulic couplers 2sa


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