Krone Fortima V 1500 MC

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Variable chamber balers

  • Variable 1.00 m to 1.50 m (3'3" to 4'11") or 1.00 m to 1.80 m (3'3" to 5'11") diameter bales
  • Two separate and endless elevators give dependable operation in the most difficult conditions
  • A heavy-duty design that copes with very heavy material.


A combined grip on the bale: Fortima is equipped with two chain-and-slat elevators, one operating at the front end and the other at the rear to develop high baling pressures and produce perfectly shaped bales.

Stunning simplicity: As more and more material enters the bale chamber, the two chain elevators press layer by layer to form tight and well-shaped round bales. The slats mesh with the crop to provide positive bale rotation at any stage of the baling cycle. The baling pressure is supplied by a hydraulic ram that actuates the tensioners at the front and rear ends. As soon as the bale has reached its preset diameter, twine or net wrapping is triggered. As a last step, the tailgate opens and the bale is ejected.

Variable bale chamber
Carefully designed down to the smallest detail

  • Bale density is controlled infinitely variably
  • The extra spiral roller speeds up bale starts
  • The optional bale ejector ejects the bale actively

Small-diameter bales: Small diameters are typically required in silage applications, because small bales are easier to handle, break up and feed. The 1.00 - 1.30 m (3'3" - 4'3") diameter bales produced by Fortima V 1500 suit most wrappers perfectly.

Large-diameter bales: Large-diameter bales are often preferred in straw and hay as they offer better efficiency, save wrapping material and reduce labour costs.


Model Fortima V 1500 MC
Bale width mm 1,200 (3'11")
Bale diameter mm 1,000 - 1,500
(3'3" - 4'11")
Length mm 4,570 (14'10")
Length incl. bale ejector mm 4,955
Height mm 2,700 (8'10")
Width of single-axle models if fitted
with the following tyres
11.5/80 -15.3/10 PR               mm
15.0/55 -17/10 PR                  mm
19.0/45 -17/10 PR                  mm
500/50 -17/10 PR                  mm

2,570 (8'5")
2,670 (8'9")
2,700 (8'10")
Width of tandem-axle models if fitted
with the following tyres
11.5/80 -15.3/10 PR              mm
15.0/55 -17/10 PR                 mm
19.0/45 -17/10 PR                 mm

2,840 (9'4")
2,950 (9'8")
Camless pick-up
Work width (DIN 11220)         mm

2,050 (6'9")
Number of tine rows 5
Feed rotor
Rotor cutter Standard
Maximum number of knives 17
Minimum knife spacing mm 64
Available tyres for single-axle models
15.0/55-17/10 PR
19.0/45-17/10 PR
500/50-17/10 PR
Available tyres for tandem-axle models
15.0/55-17/10 PR
19.0/45-17/10 PR
Power requirement approx. kW / hp 36 / 50
Power input 12 V
Driveshaft speed r / pm 540
Hydraulic couplers 2 sa
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