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Kuhn MDS 19.1 broadcast fertilizer spreaders is intended for mixed farms and has basic capacities of 700 to 900 liters, respectively. These high basic loads, together with the flexible hopper extension system, ensure maximum performance.

The MDS 19.1 fertilizer spreader offers operators wide working widths, long working life and low maintenance. This model features the Direct Flow Control (DFC) system for easy adjustment of application rate for accurate fertilizer or seed distribution. The slow rotating agitator eliminates damage to fertilizer granules or seeds and reduces plugging the outlet. Spreading discs are easily removed without the use of external tools. The hopper bottom and other critical components are made from stainless steel for less corrosion, lower maintenance and longer working life. The low-maintenance gear box made from cast iron, ensure reliability and longevity – only requiring an oil change once every ten years.


Accurate Application Rate Control

Nothing could be simpler than changing the application rate from one field to another. It can be done by positioning an opening stop on the continuous proportional direct flow control D.F.C. scale. With its help, you can modify the application rate without any extra equipment. The principle: The opening position is modified by the same percentage as the application rate. This means for example that you simply increase the opening by 10% for a 10% higher application rate.

Ensure a Smooth Fertilizer Discharge

A slowly rotating agitator (only 180 RPM) provides a regular flow of fertilizer on the spreading discs without damaging the granules and without clogging the outlet. The longevity of the components is ensured with the 100% stainless steel hopper bottom, agitator shaft and outlets.

Spread on Two Rows

This stainless steel equipment, intended for row plantations such as orchards, vineyards or specialty vegetables, has adjustable flaps that apply fertilizer on two rows of variable width and with a spacing which is 100% variable. This ensures that all nutrients arrive in the root area of the row crops and that valuable fertilizer is saved. It can be quickly and easily adjusted without tools.

Maintenance-Free Core Component

A reinforced oil-bath gearbox drives the spreading discs and the agitator.

The sturdy heart of the machine stands out by its long service life also in difficult conditions. The agitator shaft is made of treated stainless steel.

This gearbox only requires an oil change once every ten years!


Working width (m) between 10 and 24
Capacity (min.) (l) 900
Capacity (max.) (l) 1800
Max. effective load (kg) 1800
Weight approx. (kg) 250
Outlet shutter control Simultaneous or separate manual left/right control. hydraulic as option
Application (kg/ha) as from 3kg/ha. granular fertilisers or green manure. or anti-slug pellets
Working width adjustment by half width


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