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The Kuhn GF 13012 trailed tedder requires a minimum PTO horsepower capacity of 80hp. Its design lends itself well for use with medium to large sized tractors. The comfortable transport, ease of use, and long life of these machines are additional benefits of this tedder.

Kuhn GF 13012 tedder comes standard with the exclusive GSC system which allows the rotor gear train to swing independently of the carrying frame. Chassis weight is held by the large transport wheels during work. The small-diameter rotors adapt individually to the ground contours and carrying frame, ensuring efficient and fast forage turnover. The wheels, located as close as possible to the tines, limit impurities and ensure long life of the tines.

With a dedicated transport axle, rough roads or long distances are no longer a problem. Rotors are not subject to transport shock, there is excellent weight distribution and transport is safe and stable even at high speeds. The two outer sections are held in place by straps. They are used to reduce stress on the main frame and rotor structures. This allows fastening to the rotor ends, keeping the two sections stable without any oscillation. The straps also double as safety guards, replacing the traditional metal guards. When folding for transport, the two straps automatically wind up like a seat belt.

For those whose goal is to harvest the highest quality crop there are many advantages: work with a wide angle of attack while turning all of the crop, fast and uniform drying, completer crop inversion, unequalled crop distribution uniformity, exceptional ground adaptation, minimum distance to the center of gravity on mounted tedders for reduced lift requirements and reduced horsepower requirements.


Working width DIN (m) 13
Working width DIN (feet) 42'8"
Transport width (m) 2.4
Transport width (feet) 7'11"
Number of rotors 12
Number of tine arms per rotor 6
Linkage Trailed
Tire type Super balloons 16 x 6 50 - 8
Drive DIGIDRIVE®multiple coupling fingers
Weight approx. (kg) 2550
Weight (lb) 5622


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