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The Kuhn VSA 360 is designed to spread salt and sand for road maintenance departments and local authorities, with efficiency and reliability.

Stainless steel, adjustable deflectors allow the operator to change spreading width to accommodate for various spreading conditions, such as spreading on sidewalks or roads and parking lots. The agitator provides even flow of even the most abrasive materials. Application rates can be changed quickly and easily by the moveable stops and adjustment plates. In addition, the application can also be distributed solely to either the left or right sides. Cleaning and maintenance of the VSA is simple due to easy removal of the main components.


Quick and Accurate Adjustment

The application rate is rapidly adjustable, thanks to a movable stop and a precisely graduated adjustment plate. A lever controls the outlet opening and closing. If needed, application can be set only to the right or the left side.

Adjustable Deflectors to Control the Spreading Width

The VSA, equipped with stainless steel adjustable deflectors, allows operators to quickly and easily change from a narrow spreading width on sidewalks to a wider spreading width on roads or parking lots. Adjustable deflectors control the spreading width from 3’ to 30’.

Quality Distribution

The hopper base, with stainless-steel outlets, is adjustable: whatever the product, this provides perfect distribution quality. An agitator stirs the product and provides regular flow to the outlets in non-free flowing materials.

Easy Maintenance

Only a few minutes are needed to take apart the main components of the VSA making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The gearbox never requires maintenance.

Permanently Useful

After the rigors of winter, the Kuhn VSA spreaders can also be used for fertilization or sand spreading of parks or green spaces.


Hopper capacity (l) 360
Drive Mechanical or hydraulic
Application rate control By outlets with adjustable opening
Working width (feet) 2'11" / 0.9 to 29'6" / 9
Hopper width depending on extension (inches) 4" / 100
Weight (lb) 254 / 115


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