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The Kuhn Knight 2044 ProPush box spreader is designed with simplicity in mind. The hydraulic push-type design means no apron chains, fewer moving parts, faster unloading, dependable service, and long life. The ProPush will haul and spread solid materials from dairies and feedlots, including gutter manure, yard scrapings, bedding pack, and feedlot manure.

This spreader features an all-steel welded box construction, solid poly floor and sides, piggyback hydraulic cylinders and removable beaters. Along with the rugged, durable build, this spreader can accommodate horizontal or vertical beaters and will set the standard for solid material spreading.

Multiple Beater Options

Horizontal or vertical beaters can be removed or installed easily for stockpiling by removing a few bolts. This is more convenient than removing beaters on a competitive spreader with welded panels.

Horizontal beaters provide a narrower spread pattern and excellent material breakup for the width of the spreader. Heavy-duty rooster comb beaters provide a uniform spread pattern with great material breakup. Beaters are offset to efficiently breakup material, resulting in a staggered spread pattern. Paddles are positioned for optimum balance and dependable spread performance.

VertiSpread beaters can spread a high volume of material quickly while still providing a consistent 25-30 foot spread pattern. The VertiSpread vertical beaters are designed for operators who want to spread the toughest solid dairy or feedlot material with a wider, more consistent spread pattern compared to horizontal beaters.

Fast Unloading Capability

This unique piggyback hydraulic cylinder design provides smooth and uniform travel through the entire stroke and rapid cylinder retraction when spreading is complete. The cylinders are completely protected by a structural tube. This stops manure from falling directly onto the cylinder helping prevent premature seal failure.

Durable Construction for Long Life

The all-steel welded ProPush box construction provides a solid framework and includes a reinforced tongue that pulls directly from the full-width axle.

Friction-Resistant Floor and Sides

The solid poly floor and polylam sides reduce friction and promote self-cleaning to help prevent material buildup on the inside of the spreader. Floors and sides come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Tractor Driveline & PTO Protection

A greaseable overrunning clutch prevents beater backlash force when the PTO is disengaged, allowing the beaters to free wheel to a stop. This provides protection for the gearbox and spreader driveline.


Specifications 2044
Capacity - no extensions (m3) 12.5
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 440
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
PTO protection Yes
Tread width (cm) 292
Weight - w/ vertical beaters (kg) 4282
Weight - w/ vertical beaters (lb) 9440
Weight - w/ horizontal beaters (kg) 3456
Weight - w/ horizontal beaters (lb) 7620
Weight (lb) 9440
Maximum load (kg) 12927
Maximum load (lb) 28500
Minimum power requirement for PTO - w/ vertical beaters (kW) 104
Minimum power requirement for PTO - w/ vertical beaters (hp) 140
Minimum power requirement for PTO - w/ horizontal beaters (kW) 90
Minimum power requirement for PTO - w/ horizontal beaters (hp) 120
Vertical beaters - number standard 2
Vertical beater diameter - lower (cm) 91
Vertical beater diameter - lower (in) 35.5
Horizontal beaters - number standard 1
Horizontal beater diameter (cm) 66
Horizontal beater diameter (in) 26
Beater diameter - lower (in) 35.5
Loading height (cm) 160
Loading height (in) 63
Box width - inside (cm) 180
Box width - inside (in) 71


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