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The Kuhn Knight ProSpread Commercial Series sets the standard for durability and versatility in the commercial box spreader class. The PSC 161, available in truck and trailer models, is designed for operators who need a high-capacity, heavy-duty machine to spread the toughest materials, including pen pack, feedlot/dairy manure, poultry litter, compost, bio-sludge and lime, as well as many other solid and flowable materials.

This spreader provides consistent performance, dependability and long life with its sturdy all-welded construction, friction-resistant poly floor and innovative split-apron drive. With three discharge options – horizontal beaters, VertiSpread vertical beaters and AccuSpread spinner discharge – these high-capacity spreaders will spread a broad range of materials. Save on fertilizer costs by combining the vertical beaters with an optional scale system to monitor application quantities and take maximum advantage of the nutrient value of your manure.

Multiple Beater Options

Multiple discharge options can be ordered and easily changed for different applications.

Horizontal Beaters:
Horizontal beaters are most effectively used in spreading applications with dry, course materials such as pen pack or yard scrapings. They work well in situations where fast unloading and high application rates are desired.

VertiSpread Beaters:
VertiSpread vertical beaters provide a consistent, wide, 25-30 foot spread pattern. These beaters provide quality spreading performance for a wider variety of dry materials, from tough materials like pen pack to finer materials like dry dirt compost. They provide the same fast unloading and high application rates as horizontal beaters, but with a wider spread pattern and more consistent material breakup.

AccuSpread Spinner Discharge:
The AccuSpread spinner discharge option provides the most uniform spread pattern available with a spread width up to 40-50 feet. It allows accurate metering and provides the ability to consistently spread dry, flowable materials at low rates.

Variable Discharge Control

The hydraulic drive minimizes moving parts and allows independent operation of the beaters and apron. The variable speed allows controlled and even spreading of many different types of solid material.

Optional Scale System

The optional scale system allows monitoring and adjustment of application rates to take maximum advantage of your manure nutrients and to help save on fertilizer costs.

Multi-Purpose Spreader or Silage Box

The silage kit includes an endgate and steel side extensions, allowing the operator to quickly convert the spreader to a live-bottom silage box for unmatched versatility. The apron speed-up kit can be used in conjunction with the silage kit to provide a faster apron speed for quicker unloading in silage hauling applications.

Solid Components and Sturdy Construction

All-Steel, Welded Construction
The all-steel, welded construction provides a solid framework, which includes a rigid A-frame to keep the sides and beater panels aligned for strong box integrity. The lower side and frame overlap provides added strength and double protection against rust-through.

Friction-Resistant Poly Floor
The high-density, two-piece, solid poly floor reduces friction and horsepower requirements to provide long life and eliminate corrosion concerns.

Heavy-Duty Undercarriage
The independent running gear provides a solid foundation to haul the heaviest loads. The heavy-duty tandem axle and high-floatation tires work together to provide additional strength and durability and also help limit soil compaction.

Innovative Split-Apron Drive
Each apron has a separate drive shaft, powered from either end by the durable, efficient parallel-shaft gearbox. This allows equal loads on the chains, resulting in even pulling for dependability and long life. The heavy-duty, double-apron pintle chain has high-tensile strength to pull the heaviest material with little worry about breakage.


Specifications PSC 161
Capacity - no extensions (m3) 17
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 610
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Overall tread width (cm) 270
Overall tread width (in) 108
Overall height - w/horizontal beaters (m) 2.8
Overall height - w/horizontal beaters (in) 110
Overall height - w/vertical beaters (m) 3.5
Overall height - w/vertical beaters (in) 139
Spinner beater diameter (in) 41
Spinner beater diameter (m) 104
Overall length – w/ spinner beaters (m) 8.2
Overall length – w/ spinner beaters (in) 321
Overall height – w/ spinner beaters (in) 133
Overall height – w/ spinner beaters (m) 3.4
Overall length - w/vertical beaters (m) 8.3
Overall length - w/vertical beaters (in) 325
Overall length - w/horizontal beaters (m) 7.8
Overall length - w/horizontal beaters (in) 307
Maximum load (kg) 17917
Maximum load (lb) 39500
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 119
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 160
Beaters - number standard 2
Horizontal beater diameter (cm) 51
Horizontal beater diameter (in) 20
Vertical beater diameter (cm) 103
Vertical beater diameter (in) 40.5
Removeable beater assembly Yes
Loading height (cm) 264
Loading height (in) 104


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