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The Kuhn Knight 8124 ProTwin Slinger features the patented twin-auger design that provides an even and consistent material flow to the discharge. The left auger moves the material forward to the hammer discharge and the raised right auger moves the material rearward while keeping the left auger charged. When the material enters the hammer discharge, each hammer swings down into the material, peeling it off, pulverizing it, and slinging it underhand into an even and controlled spread pattern.

Whether you spread a wide variety of agricultural materials, or have mulching, bedding, or industrial spreading needs, the versatile ProTwin Slinger has options for your specific operation.

Widest Variety of Material Handling

The continuously welded V-body tank will hold both wet and dry materials. The steep, slanted sides and twin-auger delivery design provide a consistent, even flow to the hammer expeller discharge without bridging. These features allow the Slinger to handle the widest variety of materials compared to any spreader on the market, including soupy gutter manure, semi-solids, separated solids, compost, bedding pack, mulch products and many more.

Eliminate Material Bridging

The Kuhn Knight Slinger features an exclusive twin-auger design that eliminates material bridging. The raised right auger moves material reward while charging the left auger, for a constant flow to the discharge. The rearward movement of material keeps the load level and helps eliminate material bridging and packing. The left discharge auger constantly moves material forward for a smooth flow to the discharge for an even spread pattern. A close tolerance allows the auger to sweep the hopper for fast material clean out.

Consistently Even Spread Pattern with Forged-Steel Hammers

Universal forged-steel hammers eliminate the need for separate left, right or center hammers and improve the spread pattern. The entire hammer is through hardened to reduce wear, which increases the life of the hammer.

The combination of the proven free-swinging hammer design, adjustable hydraulic door and variable ground speed enables fine spreading control and material calibration. Forged steel, free-swinging hammers fold back to absorb shock from most foreign objects. The adjustable shroud allows easy hammer-to-shroud tolerance setting to maintain a superior spread pattern.

Heavy-Duty, Low-Maintenance Drive

Dependable, heavy-duty roller chain with spring-loaded, self-aligning poly tighteners for long life. Drive chains and sprockets run in an oil bath for trouble-free constant lubrication. The simple, durable chain and sprocket drive in oil bath lubrication will provide years of service with minimal maintenance making the Slinger one of the most dependable manure spreaders available.

Dual Purpose Spreader or Bedder

The Bedder Spreader deflector provides flexibility to change the spread width for better distribution on the ground, especially when spreading light and dry material like chicken litter. It also creates an even distribution of material when bedding freestalls to make a clean, dry, comfortable and easily maintained stall bed. The Bedder Spreader also allows you to control the spread pattern when spreading by fencelines, roads, on contoured strips or in windy conditions. Spread width can be controlled from 3-foot windrows to a 50-foot fine spread pattern by hydraulic adjustment of the deflector shield. Cab controlled, on-the-go adjustment of the deflector shield gives the operator the flexibility to precisely place manure or bedding in the optimum location.


Specifications 8124
Capacity (gallons) 2417
Capacity - no extensions (m3) 9.15
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 323
Auger diameter (left/right cm) 51
Auger diameter (left/right inch) 20
PTO speed (rpm) 540 / 1000
PTO protection Torque disconnect
Overall height (cm) 203
Overall height (in) 79
Overall width - without options (cm) 290
Overall width - without options (in) 114
Tread width (cm) 254
Weight (kg) 3538
Weight (lb) 7800
Maximum load (kg) 10886
Maximum load (lb) 24000
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 90
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 120
Box type V-Type
Overall length (cm) 696
Overall length (in) 274
Number of hammers 15


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