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The Kuhn CCX 9000-21 pneumatic cover crop seeder is available for use with Excelerator vertical tillage tools 11’ – 25’. The agronomic benefit of cover crops is well proven: they sequester nitrogen, enhance moisture retention, limit erosion, inhibit weed emergence and help increase soil organic matter. However, right after harvest time is often a busy period, and many operators may find there is insufficient time to establish a cover crop in addition to other tillage work. When combined with the Excelerator, the CCX 9000-21 provides the perfect solution, allowing a cover crop to be established while performing vertical tillage and so without placing additional demand on labor or creating additional passes over the field.

A seed distribution system similar to that found on many air drills accurately meters seed and distributes it between diffuser plates located at the rear of machine, where seeding depth is adjustable to ensure that seed is covered with enough soil to ensure germination, yet not buried too deep so as to affect emergence. The electric drive metering unit maintains a constant seed rate regardless of variations in forward speed. In the tractor cab, the Quantron S-2 terminal allows the operator to adjust seed rate up or down at the touch of the button and also monitors critical elements of the CCX to alert the operator to any malfunction.


Quantron S-2 Control System

With its 5.5” color screen and ergonomic button layout, the Quantron S-2 terminal provides the operator with complete control of the CCX 9000-21. Application rate can be adjusted up or down “on the fly” and the operator will be alerted if the hopper level is low, if the fan speed is incorrect or if there is a problem with metering unit rotation. The calibration sequence is also simplified with only a few minutes needed to prepare the CCX 9000-21 for work and calibration settings may be saved for future use. A work switch is fitted to the Excelerator to start and stop the metering unit automatically when lifting the machine in and out of work.

Electric Drive Seed Meter

The CCX 9000-21 uses a splined volumetric metering unit for exceptionally precise rate control and ease of calibration. Small seed splines are integrated within the metering unit and can be engaged or disengaged without tools allowing application rates from 1 – 385 lbs / acre without changing metering rollers. Once the seed type, desired application rate and target forward speed has been entered into the Quantron S-2, the operator is guided through a quick calibration test. In work, the system maintains seed rate in relation to forward speed by varying the rotational speed of the electric drive metering unit. The forward speed signal is taken from the tractor radar or using an optional tractor wheel speed sensor kit.

Hydraulically Driven Fan

Air flow is supplied using a hydraulic drive fan driven from a tractor SCV. Fan speed can be adjusted using the tractor SCV flow control and then fine-tuned using the valve on the CCX 9000-21. In order to run the fan successfully, the tractor must be capable of supplying minimum 10.5 gallons per minute. Oil return from the pump must be made through a free flow return with maximum 145 psi back pressure.

Seed Distribution System

The seed distribution system itself is as accurate as on many high-end air seeders. From the metering unit, seed is blown up the tower and into the divider head. The ringed tower ensures a homogenous mix of seed in the air flow so that on arrival to the distribution head, it is split evenly across all outlets.

Seed Placement

The seed distributor plates are located at the rear of the Excelerator® between the Star Wheels™ and reel. Seed depth can be adjusted by simply angling the plates toward the Star Wheels (deep) or toward the 24/7® Conditioning Reel (shallow). The adjustment is made easily and without wrenches.


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