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All Kuhn Krause 5200NT No-Till grain drills, which includes the Kuhn Krause NTD-5200NT-15, begin with a rugged frame design that integrates the no-till coulter bar for superior residue cutting and overall strength.

Kuhn Krause 5200NT no-till grain drills are designed specifically for the optimum in no-till seeding. The pivoting no-till coulters precede the openers for perfect cutting, even on the contour. The integral frame design provides precise indexed operation of the coulters and openers without expensive frame pivots, extra hydraulics and an excessively lengthy frame. The 5200NT is specifically designed for no-till conditions, but also offers the flexibility of operation in mulch-till or even conventional till conditions. From the integrated no-till coulter frame, to the HR PRO opener and the easy-to-adjust depth and pressure settings, this is the only drill you need for managing your crop conservation programs. With a variety of sizes from 10'-20', row spacings of 7 ½" or 10", PRO or HR PRO openers, with or without fertilizer, the Kuhn Krause 5200NT is the most versatile grain drill on the market today.


Row spacing (cm) 25 or 19
Working width (m) 4.5
Working width (feet) 15'
Working speed (km/h) 8-12
Number of rows 18 or 24
Row spacing (in) 10" or 7.5"
Number of openers 18 or 24
Opener diameter (cm) 34.3
Opener diameter (in) 13.5"
Maximum hopper capacity (l) 1691
Max Hopper Capacity (cu.ft.) 59.7
Seed/fertilizer capacity 60%/40%
Frame type Rigid
Number of wheels 5
Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp) 150
Maximum authorised tractor power (kW) 112
Transport width (m) 4.9
Transport width (feet) 16'
Transport Height (m) 2.4
Transport Height (feet) 8'
Number of sections 1
Weight (kg) between 3613 and 4031
Weight (lb) between 7966 and 8888
Working speed (km/h) between 8 and 12
Working speed (m.p.h.) between 5 and 7


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