Kuhn VARI-CHALLENGER - 10 Bodies

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Combining excellent productivity with easy hydraulic adjustment, the KUHN Vari-Challenger is the ultimate rollover plow. This high-performance machine offers up to 10 bottoms per side to cover large fields quickly with unmatched weed and residue burial. Infinitely adjustable plowing width from 14”–22” allows you to hydraulically adapt to changing field conditions from the comfort of the tractor cab. Hydraulic articulation keeps the forged shares and Triplex™ steel moldboards firmly in the ground, even in undulating terrain. Thanks to the pivoting hitch headstock, turns up to 110° are possible to save valuable time at the headlands and on the road.


Independent Rear Section Lift
Hydraulic lift allows for progressive furrow entry by angling the main beam. This creates a smoother and more even headland and lowers fuel consumption. The rear section (behind the transport wheels) can be lifted out of the ground completely so only the front section is plowing, reducing power requirements in extremely difficult soil conditions.


Hydraulically Adjustable Plowing Width
Users can easily adjust the plowing width from the tractor cab. The furrow can be narrowed to 14” for deep plowing and/or heavy soils. Increasing the furrow width to up to 22” improves productivity when working at shallower depths in lighter soil conditions.


Protection and Durability
Strength and durability start with a strong backbone, in this case the main beam measures a stout 8.7 inches square. Many of the moving parts have been integrated into the machine’s structure to safeguard against impact, humidity, and dust. Non-Stop Hydraulic (NSH) reset comes standard and protects the points, shares, and other critical components from damage by rocks or foreign objects. The NSH system allows each individual bottom to move up to 27.5 inches vertically and nearly 8 inches laterally.


The Vari-Challenger includes an on-land hitch as standard equipment to accommodate large tractors with dual wheels. An available offset hitch kit offers even further clearance for extra-wide tires. Tracked tractors will especially benefit from the optional front mounted undercarriage, as it reduces the weight on the tractor for improved traction and handling.


Olympic Points
These points maintain a sharp wear edge that improve soil penetration and quadruple share life on the machine.


Number of bodies 10
Maximum Authorized Tractor Power (hp) 450
Plowing width (inches) 14"-22"
Under-beam clearance (inches) 31.5"
Point-to-point clearance (inches) 40"


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