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Kuhn HR 3004 D power harrows are secondary-tillage machines, designed to create a smooth, level seedbed in one pass, saving you both time and expense. They are a part of the HR 1004 Series, which is an improved version of Kuhn’s highly successful HR 1003 series. The HR 1004 D series includes enhancements such as new side panels for a smoother field finish and raised top-link attachment points for improved three-point lift and control. Deep or shallow soil preparation, spring or autumn work, in wet or dry conditions, these machines will prove high efficiency under all circumstances.

These power harrows feature an improved headstock design with higher top-link attachment and increased clearance for easier coupling to modern, large frame tractors. The vertical-axis mixing action provides horizontal cultivation that preserves soil moisture and maintains the original soil layers during fumigation or sterilization. This new line is available in rigid models from 9' 10" to 15' which operate at a maximum of 250 horsepower. With the reduced-maintenance drive, greasing now must only be done every 250 hours. The HR machines provide outstanding seedbed preparation due to a side deflecter, creating the ideal environment for the best germination.


Reliable Rotor Drive

Rotors are driven by large-diameter gears. Power transmission to the blades is ensured by numerous teeth fully engaged at all times. The rotor drive design has contributed to build the highly reliable reputation of Kuhn power harrows.

Compact and Robust Housing

The casing, bearings and tine holders form a compact and very robust unity, reducing twisting forces on the housing. The small distance between casing and tine holders prevents stones from getting jammed and the soil flow is directed completely towards the blades’ working area so that all soil is worked, ensuring a constant high level of work quality.

Heavy-Duty Central Frame with Reinforced Articulations

The central frame is made from heavy box sections which ensure increased rigidity and high resistance to bending and torsion. For further simplicity and comfort, HR 1004 DRC models are fitted with hydraulic locking in transport position. Each half-harrow is connected to the central frame by a heavy pin. This assembly provides resistance to the highest loads.

Blade Holder Orientation

Kuhn power harrow blade holders are positioned to provide a progressive crumbling of the soil by the blades. This precise and exclusive layout prevents the harrow from excessive vibrations while at the same time reducing the power consumption.

Depth Control

Roller height is easily adjusted with a simple to use multi-hole and stop-pin selector. The HRB 1004 D Series comes with a large choice of rollers to meet your depth control needs. For dry, non-sticky soils, the HRB 1004 D Series can be equipped with the Crumbler or Maxicrumbler roller. For compact, silty or sticky soils the Packer 2 or Maxipacker rollers would be most efficient. The Steelliner or Packliner rollers are also available on the HRB 1004 D Series power harrows.


Working width (m) 3
Working width (feet) 9'10"
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 60
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 80
PTO speed (rpm) 1000
Maximum authorised tractor power (kW) 186
Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp) 250
Weight with Maxipacker roller (kg) 1125
Weight with Maxipacker roller (lb) 2481
Weight with cage roller (lb) 2613 / 1185


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