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Designed with the same precision and attention to detail as Kuhn’s large professional grade tillers, the Kuhn EL 23-120 power tiller addresses the particular demands of smaller tillers. These power tillers provide quality tilling with a level and clean finish, reduced maintenance and long working life. The Kuhn EL 23 models are specifically designed and priced for use with compact tractors up to 25 PTO horsepower. These sleek, eye-catching machines are available in working widths of 49" and 57".

The EL 23 power tiller has features which include: design styling and finish, high quality tilling that produces a smooth and clean finish ready for planting or seeding, minimal maintenance with no oil changes or chain tension adjustment required, and easy access to hitch points when attaching and detaching from the tractor. The strong rear frame mounted gearbox decreases the PTO angle for less vibration. The “C” blades on the steel rotor shaft work under numerous conditions for greater versatility and soil tillage. The hood and top deck are also made from heavy-duty steel for improved resistance to rock impact and contribution to overall machine strength.


Minimal Maintenance

The new design of the drive train eliminates the need for periodic maintenance. Use of semi-fluid grease in the central gearbox and an automatic slack adjuster provides no need for oil changes and no chain tension adjustment.

Easy Access

The PTO cross and yoke and protective shear bolt are easily accessible. Access to grease the PTO cross is accomplished by loosening a few wing nuts and pulling the guard forward.

High Clearance Rotor

The rotor and hood design maximizes the efficiency of smaller tractors. Soil and clods flow freely to effectively work the ground without producing unnecessary drag that robs horsepower. The solid steel rotor shaft is fitted with high-quality steel blades specifically designed to work in varying conditions including vegetation and organic materials.

Cut and Incorporate Plant Debris

This includes field cutting annual shoots, incorporating mulch and cover plants into the soil or to plow up a permanent vegetation cover. The Cultirotor (C-blades) of Kuhn power tillers provide exceptional cutting of plant material and provide a better overall structure before working it into the soil.

No Chance for Weeds

During the vegetation period, weeds compete for nutrients and water with vines and fruit trees. Spring or summer tillage with power tillers constitutes an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical control. Soil organisms are replenished with the nutrients they need, while the weeds are permanently weakened.


Working width (m) 1.47
Working width (inches) 57"
Rotor diameter (mm) 390
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 9
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 12
Speed of rotor/s at 540 min-1 (min-1) 241
Maximum authorised tractor power (kW) 18.4
Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp) 25
Lateral drive mechanism Chain
Type of tools C-blades
Working depth (min.) (cm) 5.1
Working depth (mini) (inches) 2"
Working depth (max.) (cm) 12.7
Working depth (max.) (inches) 5"
Control of working depth With skids as standard
Weight approx. (kg) 158
Weight (lb) 348


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