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The Primor 4270 M bale processors are ideal for dairy and livestock operations. They provide even processing of both feed and bedding and handle a variety of bale types and sizes.

Features include a new extra-wide body for handling larger bales. With a loading capacity of 148 cubic feet, this machine can load one 4' x 4' x 8' large square bale or two 5' x 6' round bales – one in the hopper and one in the tailgate. The Primor 4270 M has an adjustable feed regulator to provide more even processing and distribution of feed and bedding. Bedding flow can easily be directed and controlled hydraulically from the cab a full 300° to the left, right and rear.


Extra-Wide Body

The new extra-wide body allows for bedding or feeding of any size bale, with a capacity of up to two 5' x 6' round bales or one large square bale up to 4' x 4' x 8'.

Adjustable Feed Regulator

The adjustable feed regulator provides even processing and can be easily adapted to various materials and bale types. Seven regulator plates uniformly feed the bale over the width of the rotor with the assistance of 60 knives for even distribution of material at a high-speed flow.

Polydrive Belt System

The feed rotor is driven by the Polydrive belt-drive system with hydraulic engagement. The Polydrive system eliminates the need for a shear bolt and is more reliable than a chain drive. It also allows the shredder to be engaged or disengaged separately from the turbine.

300 Degree Top Swivel Chute

The top swivel chute has a range of 300° to easily direct and control material placement from the cab. Bedding can be blown up to 60' to the right and 40' to the left.

Consistent Spread Up to 60 Feet

A wider, 67" blower turbine allows for a high-speed discharge that spreads material up to 60'. The turbine wheel uses different blade lengths to provide an even distribution of material for uniform coverage across the blowing distance, without needing to adjust the chute position.


Hitch Type Drawbar
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 148
Number of feed rotors 1 (POLYDRIVE)
Blower style Turbine
Overall width (m) 2.4
Overall width (feet) 7'11"
Overall length (m) 5
Overall length (feet) 16'8"
Weight (kg) 2800
Weight (lb) 6173
Maximum blowing distance (m) 18
Maximum blowing distance (feet) 60
Number of round bales (diameter 2 m) loaded 2
Number of square bales (up to 2.70 m) loaded 1
Minimum power requirement for PTO - haylage / straw (kW) 66 / 52
Minimum power requirement for PTO - haylage / straw (hp) 90 / 70
PTO speed (rpm) 540


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