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The fully-redesigned Kuhn Knight RC 260 is a part of the RC 200 Series Reel Commercial mixers, which provides superior durability and performance, with new advanced options that separate them from the competition. For dairy and beef producers mixing rations with high percentages of roughages or distillers grain, this new design gives them the ability to efficiently handle a wide range of materials. 

The all-new, open-concept Helix® Reel option provides faster, more consistent mixing and improved load leveling with any ration. It allows the operator to work more efficiently and move on to the next batch of feed faster, as a result of quicker unloading and a more complete cleanout. The heavy-duty Drive option offers extended life, in even the most extreme use cycles, and gives producers the ability to mix the heaviest feedstuffs. These enhancements, combined with the versatility and low horsepower requirement that are the hallmark of the reel and auger design, put these new RC models at the head of their class! With truck, trailer and stationary models, and mixing capacities of 500-950 cubic feet, there’s a machine to fit every feeding situation.

Low Fuel Consumption

The gentle tumbling action of the reel works with the two side blending augers for fast, thorough end-to-end and side-to-side mixing. The design minimizes force and pressure, resulting in low horsepower requirements and, correspondingly, less fuel consumption for economical operation.

Rugged and Durable

An optional heavy-duty drive provides heavier chains throughout and a larger diameter countershaft and bearings for added strength and extended life in the toughest mixing conditions and heaviest use cycles.

Flexible For Roughage and Grains

The grain-auger option provides gentle handling of more delicate feeds like flaked corn to maintain ration quality. The roughage-auger option features notched, sectional flighting with welded-in, self-sharpening, hardened knives for better hay-handling capability.

Improved Discharge

The discharge door and linkage have been reinforced to provide reliable service and long life. The slide tray linkage has also been improved, with increased adjustability to adapt to different feeding situations.

Secure, But Accessible

The improved, single handled latch provides easy access to the oil bath and secure closure to protect the drive system. An improved lip seal keeps oil in and dirt and debris out to help minimize wear on drive components.

Helix Reel Technology

The Helix Design
The optional Helix Reel has a robust build. Through years of use in commercial reel machines, it has proven to withstand the toughest conditions. The helical design evens pressure across the length of the reel for smooth, efficient operation.

Open-Center Reel
The open-center design eliminates obstructions and provides outstanding feed movement for unparalleled mixing action. The benefits are unmistakable, with faster, more consistent mixing across the entire load, improved load leveling and optimized mixer space utilization for the ultimate ration quality.

Superior Mixing of Wet By products
A mix bar runs diagonally across the center of the reel providing consistent feed movement throughout the entire mixing chamber. The crossbars efficiently move feed around the outside of the chamber, while the secondary mixing action from the mix bar helps ensure a fast, even mix even in wet, heavy rations with large amounts of distillers grains.

Enhanced Performance for Roughage and Grain
The cutting-edge design has been extensively tested with a wide variety of rations. The results are clear – from high amounts of processed roughages to wet, heavy rations, the new RA 100 Series Helix mixers set the new standard for dependability and quality mixing performance to meet the needs of even the most demanding producers.

Excellent Load Leveling
With all potential obstacles removed from the center of the reel, feed is free to flow unobstructed from end to end. This greatly improves mixing action and helps optimize load leveling in any ration. Even leveling allows consistent use of the machine’s full capacity for maximum efficiency.

Fast, Even Unloading and Cleanout
Cleanout speed is a key factor that can limit feeding efficiency costing valuable time and money. The Helix design provides fast, consistent unloading with a quicker, more complete cleanout than competitive models. The result is optimum performance, allowing the operator to move on to the next batch faster.


Specifications RC 260
Capacity - no extensions (m3) 17
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 600
Number of augers 2
Overall height - no extensions (cm) 272
Overall height - no extensions (in) 107
Overall width - without options (cm) 259
Overall width - without options (in) 102
Tread width (cm) 257
Tread width (in) 101
Weight (kg) 7257
Weight (lb) 16000
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 82
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 110
Maximum load (kg) 8165
Maximum load (lb) 18000
Door opening (h x w, cm) 107 x 56
Door opening (h x w, in) 42 x 22
Reel arms 5
Reel diameter (cm) 178
Reel diameter (in) 70
Reel speed (rpm) 5.8-6.4
Auger diameter - lower (cm) 61
Auger diameter - lower (in) 24
Auger diameter - upper (cm) 56
Auger diameter - upper (in) 22


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