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The Kuhn Knight VT 132, Vertical Maxx twin-auger mixer is the latest advancement in mixing technology with innovative features, sleek styling and a refined finish. The VT 132 is one of four new mid-sized models that have been added to the lineup, following the success of the previously introduced larger machines, for a complete line to serve any size operation.

These mixers feature improvements to the mixing chamber and redesigned augers that provide quicker mixing and processing with more complete cleanout. The rugged, dependable drive systems help ensure reliable service and long life. Multiple discharge options offer increased versatility and a variety of rugged conveyor choices are available to match most feeding situations. Faster auger speeds results in improved auger cleanoff and better cleanout. The VT 100 Series provides the flexibility to match every producer’s specific needs. The VT 132 is available as a trailer model.


Advanced Auger Design

Redesigned augers provide superior feed movement for faster, more complete mixing and processing. The cone-shaped design of the augers promotes consistent material flow and improves clean off. Enhanced material flow also results in a lower horsepower requirement for more efficient, economical operation.

Efficient Mixing Chamber

Improvements to the mixing chamber work in coordination with the redesigned augers to increase feed movement. Straighter sides, smoother curves on the ends, baffles and doors, as well as steeper baffles help promote a fast, complete mix and a fluffy, palatable ration. Faster auger speeds also provide quicker, more complete cleanout.

Straight Drive

The straight-drive planetary system provides simplicity for lower feeding-cycle applications.

Versatile Discharge Options

Front Discharge
The redesigned front cross conveyor uses rugged components for unmatched dependability. A heavy-duty steel floor, along with the heaviest conveyor chain in the industry, help ensure long life and less down time. New options provide the ultimate in versatility to match most feeding situations.

Side Discharge
Side-discharge options are now available for both truck and trailer models. Truck models offer a left-side door, while trailer models offer doors on either or both sides. The large openings allow fast unloading with comparable feed flow out of one door that many competitive machines get with two

Customize Options

Hay-Retention Ring
The steel hay-retention ring helps contain large round bales during processing and reduces hay spillage more effectively compared to similar options on competitive models.

Capacity Belt Extension
A belt extension added to the top of the mixing tub increases capacity by about 10%. It also improves hay containment, and the rubber construction is durable and pliable for long life.

Tip-Off with Magnets
A fixed tip-off with magnets can be added to the both the flat and inclined front conveyors, as well as the side conveyor options. The magnets work to catch small metal fragments present in the feed and help promote herd health.

Hanging Belt with Magnets
Either or both ends of the flat front conveyor can be fitted with a hanging belt that has magnets to catch small metal fragments. The hanging belt also helps to even feed flow off the end of the conveyor.

Viewing Platform
Most models feature a standard observation ladder to easily check the inside of the mixing chamber. Front door trailer models also offer an optional viewing platform for a convenient, comfortable place to monitor mixing progress.


Specifications VT 132
Capacity - no extensions (m3) 9
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 320
Number of augers 2
Overall height - no extensions (cm) 229
Overall height - no extensions (in) 90
Tread width (cm) 224
Tread width (in) 88
Weight (kg) 4082
Weight (lb) 9000
Drive Planetary
PTO speed (rpm) 540
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 56
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 75
Maximum load (kg) 4899
Maximum load (lb) 10800
Auger Diameters (cm) 175.3
Auger Diameters (in) 69


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