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The 2160 hydraulic boom rotary cutter is designed for agricultural applications including cutting grass, weeds, and material up to 2" in diameter on an intermittent basis.
With a maximum horizontal reach of 21' and vertical reach of 22'6", the 2160 outperforms conventional ditchbank mowers in mowing hard-to-reach areas. The 2160 is ideal for mowing pond embankments, levee or drainage ditches, and cutting overhanging limbs on fence rows. A minimum 100 HP tractor is recommended and attaching and detaching of the cutter to the heavy-duty CAT II-III quick hitch adaptable three-point hitch is easily done and requires no mounting kits. A hydraulic relief kit is required for use with tractors without a quick hitch. The 2160 is available as a 540 RPM unit and features a 60" cutting swath, 1/2" x 4" updraft blades, and a blade tip speed of 20,028 FPM for a clean cut. Hydraulic breakaway, plus a reinforced boom and mower head, and a 60 gallon oil capacity for cooler operating temperatures help assure optimum performance and reduced downtime.
The 2160 can be folded into a transport width of 113" for easier travel on roads and through gates. Replaceable, full-length skid shoes are standard to help prevent wear to the deck mainframe. The 3/16" pan blade carrier is reinforced with a 3/4" steel plate in the bottom of the pan for added strength and momentum.The deck side skirts are 1/4" x 9-1/4" to handle large volumes of material. Front and rear rubber safety deflectors are standard equipment.
With a maximum vertical reach of 22'6" and 190 degrees of head movement, the 2160 is ideal for trimming back brush up to 2" in diameter along fence rows or edges of open fields and other hard-to-reach areas. The design of the boom arm allows the 2160 to mow on the opposite side of low profile fences for easier fence row cleanup.


• 158” reach from center of tractor
• Hydraulic driven
• 60 gallon oil reservoir doubles as counterweight
• 85 degree vertical head movement and 90 degree downward
• Optional gauge wheels for better ground contour movement


Model SV2160
Cutting Width 60"
HP Required (Min.) 110 hp with adequate ballast
Oil Reservoir Capacity 55 Gallons factory filled
Blade Tip Speed 20,028 FPM
Horizontal Reach (Max.) 21'
Vertical Reach (Max.) 22' 6"
Downward Reach (Max.) 11' 6"
Cutting Capacity (Max.) 2"
Weight (Approx.) 2,700 lbs. with oil


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