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RC flail shredders feature a five-year limited gearbox warranty and are available with a three-point lift, semi-mount or pull-type hitch in shredding widths of 15', 18', 20' and 25'(25' pull or semi-mount). The drivetrain is built tough with standard heavy-duty features including a Cat 5 or Cat 6 main driveline, a 207 HP 1000 RPM gearbox, and 5V-banded drive belts to handle the power of larger tractors in tough conditions. The shredder housing is a formed 3/16" thick hood with internal 3/16" stiffeners at critical wear areas that add structural strength to the mainframe and extend the life of the shredder. The specially designed housing and 12,620 FPM* blade tip speeds help assure maximum crop shredding and insect habitat destruction. The shredder blades are hard-surfaced with tungsten carbide for maximum wear life and provide more cuts per foot of travel than most competitive shredders. The resulting "mulch" speeds the rate of material decomposition and nutrient return to the soil while providing ground cover to help prevent erosion caused by wind and water.
The RC120 and RC125 are available with a hydraulic end tow package for ease in transport. The narrow transport width allows the row crop shredder to pass through narrow gates and be easily transported on the road. The end tow package utilizes two cylinders to raise and lower the machine and a foldable tongue for minimal interference when the RC is in use. (SMV and safety lights are now standard equipment.)


• Chops through tough cotton, BT corn stalks, milo, rice,
• Speeds up decomposition of plant residue to get nutrients
• Provide ground cover to minimize wind and water erosion.
• Available in 15’, 18’, 20’, and 25’ widths to fit your crop’s row spacing.


Cutting Width 300"
Cutting Height 1"-18"
Hitch CAT II-III Q.H. Lift and Semi-Mount; or Pull-Type
Blades Hard-Surfaced with Tungsten Carbide; No "D" Ring
Lift Horsepower Required 185 HP
Semi-Mount Horsepower Required 150 HP
Pull Horsepower Required 140 HP
Gearbox Rating (1000 RPM) 207 HP
Knife Tip Speed 12,000 FPM, Reverse Rotation
Driveline Size Cat 5 or 6
Hood Thickness 3/16", With 3/16" Internal Wear Liners
Weight (Approx.) 6300 lbs.


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