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Rhino® is proud to introduce you to the 2150 15’ Flex-Wing. These Flex-Wings offer a sleeker design with the same durability customers have come to expect from Rhino®.

Some of the new features include the patent-pending, unique cast blade pan. Engineered for outstanding strength and durability, it also provides improved reliability in connecting to the gearbox; greater access to service areas; and smooth, quiet operation. The improved gearbox design, which includes a more stable driveshaft-to-blade-carrier design, offers more torque with the same horsepower than previous models.


• Smooth Top and Bottom Deck Design with Dual Cut Chambers
• New Composite Divider Shield
• Mechanical Level Lift
• Infinity Cast Carrier utilizing many of the same drivetrain components as the 3150
• 6 Year Limited Gearbox Warranty
• New Improved Tongue Design featuring Standard Clevis
• CAT 5 CV Main and CAT 4 Wing Drivelines
• Coil Spring Suspension
• Equip your 2150 with Rhino Trax
• LED Lights are Standard Equipment


Cutting Width 180”
Transport Width* 116"
Overall Width* 187"
Overall Length* 172"
Cutting Height* 2”-14”
Height Adjustment Hydraulic Cylinder
Jack Stand Std
Hitch Clevis
Blade Carrier (Patent Pending) Infinity
Blades 1/2” x 4” Paralell Lift
Blade Overlap 6”
Horsepower Required 50 HP
Gearbox Rating Divider ** 160 HP
Gearbox Rating Center & Wing ** 130 HP
Gearbox Oil (85W-140) Factory Filled
Output Shaft Dia 2”
Blade Tip Speed Center 540 RPM 14,861 FPM
Blade Tip Speed 1000 RPM 15,570 FPM
Blade Tip Speed Wing 540 RPM 14,861 FPM
Blade Tip Speed 1000 RPM 15,776 FPM
Cutting Capacity 2-1/2”
Driveline Size Main Cat 5 CV
Driveline Size Wing Cat 4
Driveline Protection Slip Clutch
Deck Thickness Center 10 Ga. (Top), 7 Ga. (Bottom)
Deck Thickness Wing 10 Ga. (Top & Bottom)
Side Skirt 1/4” x 12-3/8”
Tire Selections Rhino Trax, Foam Filled, Laminated, or Pneumatic (4, 6, or 8 Tires)
Wing Lift Mechanical Level Lift
Wing Flex (Degrees) 25 Down, 87 Up, 45 Operational
Weight (Approx.) 4,290 lbs. (w/ Single Chains & 6 Rhino Trax Tires)
Tongue Weight 1,430 lbs.
Safety Tow Chain Std
LED Light Kit Std
Safety Deflectors Deflectors, Chains, or Combination


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