Rhino Agriculture 7026 26’ FLEX-WING

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The feature rich 7026 Flex-Wing unit offers your choice of CV Style, Equal Angle, or Parallel Ring Hitch along with an impressive offering of blade configurations.


• Your Choice of CV, Equal Angle, or Parallel Ring Hitch
• 50 Degree Divider Box Keeps Drivelines Short and Machine more Compact Front to Back
• Transport Locks for Center Section and Wings
• 2-Piece Replaceable Skid Shoes on Wings
• 10 Ga. Deck with Front Half Deck Protection Rings
• Hydraulic Phasing Cylinders for Level Lift
• Double Acting Wing Lift Cylnders with Mechanical Float
• Spring Steel Bushing at all Major Pivot Points
• Suspension for Center and Wing Frames
• A Fixed Knife Shredding Blade Kit is Available for Enhanced Shredding of Crop Residue
• 1 Year Limited Driveline Warranty - 3 Year Prorated Gearbox Warranty


Cutting Width 26'
Transport Width 117"
Transport Height 148"
Overall Width 321"
Overall Length 205"
Cutting Height 1" - 14"
Jack Stand HD Jack
Hitch CV, Equal Angle, Parallel Ring
Blade Carrier Pan or Bar
Blades Flat, Updraft, Shredder
Blade Overlap (Center - Wing) 6"
Blade Overlap (Inside - Outside Wing) 5"
HP Required 120
Tongue Weight 2400 lbs.
Gearbox Rating - Power Divider (Cutting Height dependent on Tire Size) 260HP
Gearbox Oil (80W-90) Factor Filled
Output Shaft Dia: 2"
Blade Tip Speed - Wing Outer/Inner 15300 FPM
Blade Tip Speed - Center 15079 FPM
Cutting Capacity (Max) 2"
Driveline Size 1000 RPM
Driveline Protection HD Slip Clutch w/80 Degree CV U-Joint, Equal Angle
Deck Thickness 10 Ga
Side Skirt 1/4"
Skid Shoes 2 Piece Replaceable
Tires & Wheels Recapped Aircraft, Light Truck Tire
Wing Lift Hydraulics 3" x 30" Hydraulic Phasing
Wing Flex (Degrees) 45 Degree up/15 Degree down
Safety Tow Chain Std
Deck Rings Std
Safety Deflectors Single Chains, Double Chains, Chain/Deflector Combo
Light Kit Std
Weight (Approx) 7900 lbs.


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