TYM Tractors BL150C

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Compatible: 3515C, 4215C, 4815C

The BL150C front-end loader takes advantage of the power and durability of TYM compact tractors. Ideal for tasks that require more strength, the BL150C front-end loader can help you get your tasks done more efficiently.

Lift height: 104.9 in. / 2665 mm
Lift capacity: 2200 lb / 998 kgf
Bucket capacity: 8.1 cu. ft / 0.23 cu. m


Built for durable performance and excellent dig capabilities, the BL150C front-end loader is designed to help you accomplish more without compromising stability and safety. With a self-leveling feature in place and impressive boom raising and lowering times, you can focus on the task at hand and get more things done quickly. Engineered to deliver impressive dig depth and maximum rollback angles, the BL150C front-end loader is ideal for more heavy-duty applications.


Capacities & Reach  
Lift height 104.9 in. (2665 mm)
Max. lift height under level bucket 96.3 in. (2445 mm)
Clearance with bucket dumped 77.0 in. (1955 mm)
Reach at maximum lift height 15.9 in. (405 mm)
Max. dump angle 55°
Reach with bucket on ground 72.7 in. (1847 mm)
Max. rollback angle 35°
Digging depth 4.7 in. (119 mm)
Lift capacity 2200 lb (998 kgf)
Breakout force at ground level, pivot points 3422 lb (1552 kgf)
Bucket rollback force at ground line 2557 lb (1160 kgf)
Bucket capacity 8.1 cu. ft (0.23 cu. m)
Self leveling NA
Relief valve setting (Loader control valve) 2446 psi (172 kg/sq. cm)
Dimensions & Weight  
Overall height in carry position 51.0 in. (1295 mm)
Depth of Attachment (to the back of the inner shell) 20.9 in. (530 mm)
Height of Attachment 20.9 in. (530 mm)
Length of Attachment (to pivot point) 28.0 in. (712 mm)
Weight of boom & quick attach mechanism (1) 496 lb (225 kg)
Weight of mounting frame (2) 269 lb (122 kg)
Weight of bucket (3) 243 lb (110 kg)
Loader total weight (1+2+3) 1008 lb (457 kg)
Lift cylinder 2.2X1.2 in. (55X30 mm)
Bucket cylinder 2.0X1.2 in. (50X30 mm)
Attachment used for specification 62 in. (1570 mm)
Cycle Times  
Bom raising time 4.4 sec
Boom lowering time 3.1 sec
Bucket rollback time 2.6 sec
Bucket dumping time 4.2 sec


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