TYM Tractors 4820C

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High performance and customizability
Engine power: 48 hp
Hitch lift capacity: 3306 lb

High performance meets efficiency in this highly customizable Series 3 tractor that has the power to support your productivity.


Eco-friendly TYM Tier-IV engine

Equipped with a naturally aspirated engine designed and manufactured by TYM, the tractor is designed to be eco-friendly and fuel-efficient but makes no compromise on performance and reliability.

Tilt steering wheel

The tilt steering wheel allows operators to adjust the position of the steering wheel for a more comfortable driving experience.

PTO on/off switch

Safety is always first. The PTO switch ensures the safe operation of all tractor attachments.

Differential lock system & low turning angle

The differential lock system activated with easily accessible levers provides enhanced traction in slippery work environments. 52˚ turning angle makes operation in narrow areas much easier.

Water-separating fuel filter

The water-separating fuel filter prevents foreign substances from entering the fuel, ensuring better engine start ability and preventing damage to the machine.

Optional tires for versatile working conditions

In addition to standard agricultural tires, industrial, turf tires are also available for versatile working conditions.


ENGINE 4820C 4820CH
Engine manufacturer TYM A2300N3 TYM A2300N3
Type Natural Aspiration Natural Aspiration
Gross engine power 48 hp | 36 kW 48 hp | 36 kW
PTO power 38.4 hp | 28.6 kW 38.4 hp | 28.6 kW
Rated engine speed 2600 rpm 2600 rpm
No. of cylinders 4 4
Displacement 139.5 cu. in. 139.5 cu. in.
Air cleaner Dry Element Dry Element
Alternator 12V, 70A 12V, 70A
Fuel system IDI IDI
Transmission type Synchromesh HST
No. of speeds F16xR16 (4-Range) F4xR4 (4-Range)
Max. traveling speed 16 mph 19.5 mph
Brakes Wet, Multi-disc Wet, Multi-disc
Steering Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Clutch Dry Single Type (N/A) Dry Single Type (N/A)
Pump type Single Gear Pump Single Gear Pump
Implement flow 4.4 gpm 4.4 gpm
Steering flow 9.9 gpm 9.3 gpm
Total flow 14.3 gpm 13.7 gpm
Category, 3-point hitch I I
Hitch lift capacity 3306 lb 3306 lb
Hitch lift capacity at 24 inches behind link ends 2425 lb 2425 lb
Lift control type Position Position
No. of standard remote valves 4Port 4Port
PTO type Independent Independent
PTO control Wet, Multi-disc Wet, Multi-disc
PTO rear 584 rpm 584 rpm
Fuel tank 11.8 gal 11.8 gal
Coolant 8.3 qt 8.3 qt
Crankcase 4.5 qt 4.5 qt
Transmission/Hydraulics system 10.3 gal 11.1 gal
Front axle 1.8 qt 1.8 qt
Overall length with 3-point hitch 127.4 in. 127.4 in.
Overall width 64.9 in. 64.9 in.
Wheelbase 71.1 in. 71.1 in.
Height to top of ROPS 97 in. 97 in.
Min. ground clearance 15.5 in. 15.5 in.
Min. turn radius with brakes 9.2 ft 9.2 ft
Min. turn radius without brakes 9.2 ft 9.2 ft
Weight with ROPS 4349 lb 4349 lb
R1 Agricultural - Front 9.5-16 9.5-16
R1 Agricultural - Rear 13.6-26 13.6-26
R3 Turf - Front 27x8.5-15 / 29x12.5-15 27x8.5-15 / 29x12.5-15
R3 Turf - Rear 41x14-20 / 44x18-20 41x14-20 / 44x18-20
R4 Industrial - Front 12-16.5 12-16.5
R4 Industrial - Rear 17.5Lx24 17.5Lx24


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