Kobelco SK210HLC-10 Hybrid

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In 2006, Kobelco developed the world’s first hybrid machine full hydraulic excavator in the history of hydraulic excavators. The forerunner of the hybrid machine full hydraulic excavators was the SK80H. Then, its 20-ton class successor, the SK200H-9,
achieved overwhelmingly great fuel efficiency, creating a strong image of “fuel-efficient Kobelco excavators”. The Kobelco SK210HLC-10 Hybrid Excavator, the latest model, is equipped with not only the hybrid technology developed and nurtured by Kobelco but also a large-capacity lithium-ion battery for the first time in the industry. The technology of Kobelco which knows hybrid machines well has enabled a compact but high-power assist, evolving its hybrid machines into “genuine hybrid machines” in terms of fuel efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, the SK210HLC-10 is equipped with newly designed extra durable devices to maintain its value. To the new stage. The hybrid machines of Kobelco greatly exceed the hybrid standards that Kobelco has established.


During swing acceleration

The swing motor is only powered by electricity accumulated in the lithium-ion battery.

During swing deceleration

The braking energy generated during swing deceleration is converted into electricity, and then the electricity is accumulated in the lithium-ion battery.

During high-load operation

Assisting the engine by adding up to 25 kW The power of the generator motor has increased to 25 kW (equivalent to the power output of the engine of a 5-ton class excavator). The electricity accumulated in the lithium-ion battery allows the generator motor to assist the engine. Thus, fuel consumption is reduced.

During low-load operation

The engine power is used to generate electricity in the generator motor. And then, the electricity is accumulated in the lithium-ion battery. Digging and traveling are done hydraulically.

Superior Digging Volume

This excavator offers dynamic digging force even as it minimizes fuel consumption rates, achieving class-leading work volume. H-mode with an increased torque setting delivers about 7% greater digging volume.

Fuel Efficiency

H-mode, S-mode and ECO-mode are fuel eciency modes in which fuel consumption is reduced in comparison with the previous standard model.

AIS (Auto Idle Stop)

If the boarding/disembarking lever is left up, the engine will stop automatically. This eliminates wasteful idling during standby, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions as well.

Multi-Display in

Color Brilliant colors and graphic displays are easy to recognize on the LCD multi-display in the console. The display shows fuel consumption, maintenance intervals, and more.

One-Touch Attachment

Mode Switch A simple flick of a switch converts the hydraulic circuit and ow amount to match attachment changes. Icons help the operator to confirm the proper configuration at a glance.

Arm Interflow System

When lowering the boom, this system uses the downward force generated by the boom’s weight to push uid to the shovel arm. This greatly reduces the need to apply power from outside the system.

Hydraulic circuit reduces energy loss

We have made every effort to enhance fuel efficiency by minimizing hydraulic pressure resistance, improving the hydraulic line layout to control friction resistance loss and minimizing valve resistance.

Remote Monitoring for Peace of Mind

KOMEXS (Kobelco Monitoring Excavator System) uses satellite communication and internet to relay data, and therefore can be deployed in areas where other forms of communication are difficult. When a hydraulic excavator is fitted with this system, data on the machine’s operation, such as operating hours, location, fuel consumption, and maintenance status can be obtained remotely.

Location Data

Accurate location data can be obtained even from sites where communications are difficult

Operating Hours

• A comparison of operating times of machines at multiple locations shows which locations are busier and more profitable.

• Operating hours on site can be accurately recorded, for running time calculations needed for rental machines, etc

Fuel Consumption Data

Data on fuel consumption and idling times can be used to indicate improvements in fuel consumption.

Graph of Work Content

The graph shows how working hours are divided among different operating categories, including digging, idling, traveling and optional operations.

Machine Maintenance Data

• Provides maintenance status of separate machines operating at multiple sites.

• Maintenance data is also relayed to KOBELCO service personnel, for more efficient planning of periodic servicing.

Warning Alerts

This system warns an alert if an anomaly is sensed, preventing damage that could result in machine downtime.

Alarm Information

Can Be Received through E-mail Alarm information or maintenance notice can be received through E-mail, using a computer or cell phone.

Daily/Monthly Reports

Operational data downloaded onto a computer helps in formulating daily and monthly reports.

Engine Start Alarm

The system can be set as an alarm if the machine is operated outside designated time.

Area Alarm

It can be set as an alarm if the machine is moved out of its designated area to another location.

Fuel Filter The pre-filter, with built-in water separator, maximizes filtering performance.

Hydraulic Fluid Filter

Recognized as the best in the industry, our super-fine filter separates out even the smallest particles. The new cover prevents contamination when changing filters.

Long-Interval Maintenance

Long-life hydraulic oil reduces cost and labor.

Highly Durable Super-fine Filter

The high-capacity hydraulic oil filter incorporates glass fiber with superior cleaning power and durability.

Hydraulic Fluid Filter Clog Detector

Pressure sensors at the inlet and outlet of the hydraulic fluid filter monitor differences in pressure to determine the degree of clogging. If the difference in pressure exceeds a predetermined level, a warning appears on the multi-display, so any contamination can be removed from the filter before it reaches the hydraulic fluid reservoir.



Type Direct injection, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine with turbocharger, intercooler
No. of cylinders 4
Bore and stroke 112 mm x 130 mm
Displacement 5.123 L
Rated power output 119 kW/2,000 min-1 (ISO 9249) | 124 kW/2,000 min-1 (ISO 14396)
Max. torque 640 N•m/1,600 min-1 (ISO 9249) | 660 N•m/1,600 min-1 (ISO 14396)


Hybrid System Unit

Main power supply Type: Lithium-ion battery | Voltage: 567 V
Generator motor Type: Three-phase AC synchronous permanent magnet type 
  Voltage: 25kW/1,880 min-1
Swing motor Type: Three-phase AC synchronous permanent magnet type
   Voltage: 26kW/3,600 min-1


Hydraulic System

Pump Type: Two variable displacement pumps + one gear pump
  Max. discharge Low: 2 x 245 L/min, 1 x 21 L/min
Relief valve setting Boom, arm and bucket: 34.3 MPa {350 kgf /cm2
  Power Boost: 37.8 MPa {385 kgf /cm2 }
  Travel circuit: 34.3 MPa {350 kgf /cm2 }
  Control circuit: 5.0 MPa {50 kgf /cm2 }
  Pilot control pump: Gear type
  Main control valve: 8-spool
  Oil cooler: Air cooled type


Swing System

Swing speed 12.7 min-1 {rpm}
Swing torque 71.5 kN•m
Tail swing radius 2,910 mm
Min. front swing radius 3,550 mm


Travel System

Travel brakes Hydraulic brake per motor
Parking brakes Oil disc brake per motor
Travel shoes 49 each side
Travel speed 6.0/3.6 km /h
Drawbar pulling force 227 kN (ISO 7464)
Gradeability 70 % {35°}


Cab & Control

Cab All-weather, sound-suppressed steel cab mounted on the high suspension mounts lled with silicone oil and equipped with a heavy, insulated Floor mat
  • Two hand levers and two foot pedals for travel
  • Two hand levers for excavating and swing
  • Electric rotary-type engine throttle
Noise levels External: 100 dB(A) (ISO 6395)
  Operator: 66 dB(A) (ISO 6396)


Boom, Arm & Bucket

Boom cylinders 120 mm x 1,355 mm
Arm cylinder 135 mm x 1,558 mm
Bucket cylinder 120 mm x 1,080 mm


Refilling Capacities &Lubrication

Fuel tank 320 L
Cooling system 19 L
Engine oil 20.4 L
Travel reduction gear 2 x 5 L
Swing reduction gear 5 L
Hydraulic oil tank 140 L tank oil level
  244 L hydraulic system
DEF/Urea tank 34 L


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