Kobelco SK260LC-10

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The Kobelco SK260LC-10 Excavator is a part of the Kobelco line-up specially equipped for forestry and hilly terrain work, which has been added to the SK excavator series. The Kobelco SK series is famous for outstanding productivity and extremely low fuel consumption.

The High & Wide Specification series have the generous ground clearance needed to penetrate sites littered with stumps or rocks. The extra crawler width ensures excellent stability, contributing to uninterrupted working and greater lifting capacity. Durability is significantly improved with full track guides and larger upper rollers for the crawlers, to prevent de-tracking. With double grouser shoes used for better grip, these machines are designed to work smoothly over the roughest ground.


More Power and Higher Efficiency.
The highly efficient hydraulic system minimizes fuel consumption while maximizing power. With nimble movement and outstanding digging power, this excavator improves job productivity.

Increased Power with Enhanced Durability to Maintain the Machine’s Value
Smart system design increases strength and eliminates hydraulic problems. Enhanced reliability and durability takes productivity to a new level.

Comprehensive Safety and Intuitive Operation
User-friendly design and enhanced safety means greater efficiency and productivity.

Cab Comfort Takes a Step Ahead
The newly refined cab puts the operator first, ensuring a quieter, more comfortable work environment and easier operation.


Model Name SK260LC
Machine Type SK260LC-10
Operating Weight lbs {kg} 56,900 {26,700}
Bucket capacity
SAE heaped cu.yd.{m3}

1.05 {0.80}

1.31 {1.00}

1. 57 {1.20}

1.83 {1.40}

Bucket capacity
SAE Struck cu.yd.{m3}

0.77 {0.59}

0.99 {0.76}

1.10 {0.84}

1.31 {1.00}

Opening width
With side cutter inches {mm}

42 {1,060}

50 {1,270}

57 {1,440}


Opening width
Without side cutter inches {mm}

338 {960}

46 {1,180}

53 {1,340}

59 {1,510}

Bucket weight lb {kg}

1,540 {700}

1,790 {810}

1,870 {850}

1,960 {890}



Type: Direct injection, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine with turbocharger, intercooler 
(Complies with EU (NRMM) Stage IV, EPA Tier IV Final. 

Rated power output: 178hp {133kW} /2, 1 OOrpm (SAE NET) 
185hp {138kW} /2, 1 OOrpm (Without fan) 

Fuel tank 106.5 U.S.gal {403L} 
Swing Speed Swing Speed: 10.2 rpm {min-1}
Travel System

Travel motors: 2 x axial piston, two-speed motors

Travel shoes: 51 each side

Travel speed 3.7 / 2.2 mph (5.8 / 3.6 km/h} 
Drawbar pulling force 55,100 lbs {245 kN} (SAE J 1309)
Gradeability 70% {35°}
Hydraulic System

Pump Type: Two variable displacement pumps+ 1 gear pump

Max.discharge flow: 2 x 64.7 U.S.gph (2 x 245 Umin},
1 x 5.5 U.S.gph (1 x 21 Umin} 

Hydraulic oil tank 43.6 U.S.gal (165 L} tank oil level
72.1 U.S.gal (273 L} hydraulic system 


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