Kobelco SK140SRD-5

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You could dismantle 4-5 cars apart by hand, or you could process 70 cars per day with the raw power and delicate precision of the Kobelco SK140SRD-5 Multi-Dismantling machine. It’s built from the ground up to tear cars apart – not just fitted with an aftermarket add-on kit. With the strongest nibbler tool in the industry, the SK140SRD-5 can pick apart a car with pinpoint precision in mere minutes.


Multi-dismantling nibbler
The Kobelco nibblers are designed to provide maximum gripping, holding, twisting, breaking and pulling power. Their heavy duty design is made to hold up to severe duty dismantling, yet they are nimble enough to perform delicate and precise operations. The tool for the SK210D has 2 rotation motors to provide additional rotation force for increased productivity to the customer.

Open/close type clamp arms
The Kobelco designed clamp arms are made to hold a vehicle in multiple positions to provide maximum access for complete dismantling. The clamp arms include additional tools to make dismantling process quicker and more efficient.

Piping for the rotating nibbler
Heavy duty open/close and rotation piping for optimum nibbler tool performance.

Front attachments
Kobelco's nibbler tool provides maximum pinching, crushing and cutting power to allow the operator to easily and efficiently remove parts and sort valuable materials.

Clamp arm
The clamp arm moves vertically (up and down) and closes horizontally (side to side) to hold car better than top only style arms.

Reinforced Boom and Arm
Severe duty components are specifically designed and installed at the factory for the most severe dismantling applications.

Heavy duty Cylinders(with load holding valves)
Both the bucket cylinder and arm cylinder are reinforced to withstand high loads. Boom and arm cylinders have holding valves for additional safety.

Cab for the multi-dismantling machine
Specialized cab with front and top window guarding and safety glass for operator protection.

Special heavy counterweight is used for increased stability.


Overall Width 8' 11" (2,710 mm)
Tail Swing Radius 5' 3" (1,600 mm)
Shoe Width 1' 7" (500 mm)
Overall Width of Upperstructure 8' 2" (2,490 mm)
Swing Speed 11 rpm
Swing Torque 29,400 lbf/ft (39.9 kNm)
Operating Weight 44,300 lbs (20,100 kg)
Model Isuzu 4JJ1
Power Output 105.3 hp (78.5 kW) 
95.6 hp (71.3 kW)
Displacement 183 in³ (2.999 ltr)
Fuel Tank 50.2 gallons (US) (190 ltr)


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