Kobelco SK210D-10

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You could dismantle 4-5 cars apart by hand, or you could process 70 cars per day with the raw power and delicate precision of the Kobelco SK210D-10 Multi-Dismantling machine. It’s built from the ground up to tear cars apart – not just fitted with an aftermarket add-on kit. With the strongest nibbler tool in the industry, the SK210D-10 can pick apart a car with pinpoint precision in mere minutes. This is a machine destined to be a major player in boosting metals recycling in the US.


Disposal of End-of-life Vehicles and Other Metals Dismantling Work

  • For vehicle dismantling work - Four times* the vehicle dismantling capacity compared with hand dismantling
  • For engine dismantling - Speed increased ten-fold over hand dismantling!
  • For dismantling complex parts - Separates components of various metals

A Choice of Two Specialized Nibblers For Different Dismantling Tasks

  • Multi-Dismantling Nibbler - is suited to small-scale separating and sorting. 
  • Vehicle Dismantling Nibbler - has a powerful grab, cutting force and rotational torque.

KOBELCO’s Innovation Clamp Arm

  • Bowl-shaped Grip - Can easily grasp and hold objects. Convenient for removing parts while rotating item front to back.
  • Cutting Teeth -  Can crush or cut through items with powerful crushing force.
  • Front Teeth - Differently shaped teeth on left and right. Convenient for breaking, bending and tearing
Fine Control Allows Swift,Point-perfect Positioning

Attachment starts and stops are smooth, with no sudden speed changes in simultaneous operations. The smooth inching control is essential for small-scale work.

Advanced Energy-saving Technologies Lower Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption is reduced with a new environmental engine and energy-saving hydraulic system. When the machine is in the new ECO mode, fuel consumption is cut by about 16%, compared with S mode of the previous model (Kobelco test data)

New Spacious Cab Has High-strength Design

Newly designed cab provides a spacious interior and a wide field of view. Its high-strength construction has additional grilles across two sides to protect operator.


Model Name SK210D
Machine Type SK210D-9
Operating Weight lbs {kg} 65,917 {29,900}
Swing speed 12.5 min-1 {12.5 rpm}
Travel Speed 2.2 mph {3.7 km/h}
Gradeability 70% {35°}
Model HINO J05E-TI
Rated power output 117 HP {157 kW} / 2,000 rpm
Fuel tank 97.9 gal
Relief vale setting 34.3 psi(MPa)
Hydraulic oil Tank(system) 38.5 {60.8}
Overall length 42"7' ft-in (12,970 mm)
Overall width 10"3' ft-in (3,115 mm)
Overall height 12"0' ft-in (3,600 mm)
Tail swing radius 9"5' ft-in (2,860 mm)
Working ranges  
Installed attachement KVE720PR
Max vertical working range 29"5' ft-in (8,960 mm)
29"7' ft-in (9,010 mm)
Max operating height 19"2' ft-in (5,830 mm)
19"6' ft-in (5,940 mm)
Min swing radius 11"7' ft-in (3,540 mm)
Working height of clamp arm 6"5' ft-in (1,960 mm)
Operating width of clamp arm 6"1' ft-in (1,850 mm)


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