Kobelco SK30SR-6E

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The Kobelco SK30SR-6E Mini Excavator packs full size performance into a compact package. A standard LCD display puts vital information like operating hours, fuel consumption and water temperature right in front of you where you need it. And all start up checks can be done at ground level for ease of access. Plus, zero tail overhang allows for excellent handling in confined spaces while a simple design makes routine maintenance fast and easy to undertake.


The Revolutionary Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System
The iNDr system on the SK30SR /SK35SR features air intake at the front of the machine and air exhaust underneath. It functions in the same way as the iNDr system on the SR series machines.

Wide Working Range: A larger boom and arm are provided as standard equipment to ensure a wider working range.
Short Tail Swing: The compact tail swing improves operating efficiency in limited space.
Energy Conservation Mode: The SK30SR/SK35SR adapts S mode which enables 25 percent less fuel consumption compared with the previous model.
One Touch Deceleration: The SK30SR /SK35SR features one-touch deceleration. It allows easy switching to an idling mode, reducing fuel consumption while the machine is at rest. Under complete control of the operator.
Easy Transportability: With an overall cab height of 8' 3" (2,510 mm), the machine is designed for easy transport.
Integrated-Flow Pump System: The instant the machine begins to dig. extra output from the third pump (which otherwise powers the swing and dozer circuit) is directed to the arm circuit and boom circuit (raise) for added power. This ensures fast and smooth arm and boom raising operation even under heavy loads.
Large Capacity Engine: The large-capacity engine meets Tier IV nal requirements and packs plenty power for outstanding hydraulic performance.

Easy Daily Maintenance 
Start-up checks are essential for safe and reliable machine operation. All start-up checks can be performed at ground level, with an easy-to-understand layout and cover design that simplify access and save time.

Spacious Work Environment 
The newly designed optional rectangular cab is optimized control layout for comfortable, easy operation. A greater window area further improves visibility. A clear view is provided at the rear,and there’s also more floor space,with a seat that slides further to ensure plenty of leg room.

Easy Access
A wide-opening door and a left-hand tilting control console with a safety lever that rises high,make it much easy for operators to enter and exit and the cab.

Plenty of Foot Room
Generous space below, eases facilitates pedal operation.

Work Light
Lighting installed on the underside of the boom minimizes the risk of damage to it.

Operator Safety
Reliable Cab Structure
The high-strength cab meets ROPS and FOPS standards for greater operator safety.

Exclusive, Newly Designed ROPS/FOPS Canopy
The high-strength canopy meets ROPS ISO standards (ISO-12117-2 : 2008) and FOPS Level (ISO10262) standards for greater operator safety.

Reliable Construction
The boom, arm, and swing bracket all have large cross-section designs for added attachment strength.


Model Name SK30SR
Machine Type SK30SR-6E
Operating Weight 7,320 lbs (3,320 kg)
Model Yanmar 3 TNV 88F - E
Type water cooled, 4-cycle, 3-cylinder, direct injection, diesel engine
Power output 24.4 hp (18.2 kW)
23.1 hp (17.2 kW)
Max. Torque 60 lbf (81.7 Nm)
Displacement 100 in³ (1.642 ltr)
Fuel tank gal {L} 11.1 gallons (US) (42 ltr)
Travel speed mph {km/h} 2.7 mph (4.4 kph) / 1.6 mph (2.5 kph)
Drawbar Pulling force 8,630 lbf (38.4 kN)
Pump 2 Variable axial piston + Gear
Blade Height 14" (345 mm)
Blade Width 5' 1" (1,550 mm)
Max. Raise Height 16" (395 mm)
Dig Depth 16" (400 mm)


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