Komatsu FH Series IC Pneumatic

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The Komatsu FH Series IC Pneumatic Forklift is a part of the new diesel hydrostatic drive family achieves its durability and low costs of ownership from its rugged designs and field proven components. With Komatsu’s hydrostatic drive system, standard wet disc brakes, and Closed-center Load Sensing hydraulic system (CLSS), the FH series achieves reduced costs of operation and reduced maintenance costs. The FH series lowers your cost of operation in a variety of demanding, high-cycle operations. Also equipped with KOMTRAX—Komatsu’s exclusive information data management system.


Heavy Duty Sealed Wet Multi Disc Brakes

With many years of field-proven performance in Komatsu construction equipment, the FH’s sealed wet multi-disc brake system provides excellent braking performance in all operating conditions. The sealed system provides protection from dust, dirt and debris, thus providing higher reliability, fade and water resistance. Unlike a drum brake system, there is no need to replace the brake shoes resulting in lower maintenance costs and downtime.

Electronically Controlled HST

In the HST system, the diesel powered engine drives the pump and oil supplied from the pump then rotates the motor that drives the forklift. The power losses over the entire engine speed range are minimal. Since the HST system does not have a clutch, there is no possibility of heat loss or slippage. This means power transmission losses are minimized to reduce fuel consumption.

CLSS with Variable Displacement Pump

Komatsu’s CLSS hydraulic system has been utilized in our hydraulic excavators for many years. The load sensing capability automatically senses loading and the variable displacement pump then supplies only the amount of hydraulic fluid needed to do the job. This provides for much greater efficiency than conventional fixed displacement gear pumps, making good use of engine power to reduce overall fuel consumption.


KOMTRAX, a standard feature on the FH series, is Komatsu’s remote equipment and fleet monitoring system. Leading-edge wireless technology and a secure, user-friendly web-based application provide critical information…anytime, anywhere. KOMTRAX tells you where your machines are, what they are doing, and how they are doing it providing total fleet management capabilities for improved fleet utilization, reduced downtime and lower owning and operating costs.

Low Exhaust Emissions Engine

Komatsu’s turbo-charged 4-cycle diesel engine is Interim Tier 4 and EU Stage A emissions certified, without sacrificing power or productivity. The engine is connected to the drive system hydraulically to transmit power to the drive system. This makes it possible for the FH series to make directional shifts smoothly without the need to release the accelerator pedal.

Controllability and Operation

The FH series requires less inching pedal use because the HST forklift can adjust speed through the use of the accelerator pedal. Also with excellent controllability of the HST, the operator has better control when maneuvering in tight quarters, lifting, or load handling. Travel speeds can be set in for stages and activated with the turtle switch. To eliminate inadvertent start-ups, the FH engine can only start when the shift lever is set to neutral, brake pedal depressed and the operator is in the seat.

Reduced Roll Back

With HST drive, the oil flow to the hydraulic motor is stopped when the accelerator pedal is released, so even if the forklift is stopped on a ramp and the operator releases the brake pedal, downhill creep is reduced. This also facilitates easier ramp-start. 



GENERAL FH40-1 FH45-1 FH50-1
Power Type Diesel Diesel Diesel
Operation Type Sit-Down Sit-Down Sit-Down
Rated Capacity 9,000 lbs 10,000 lbs 11,000 lbs
Rated Load Center 23.6 in 23.6 in 23.6 in
Load Distance, Front Axle to Fork Face 22.8 in 23.2 in 22.6 in
Wheelbase 78.7 in 78.7 in 78.7 in
WEIGHT FH40-1 FH45-1 FH50-1
Service Weight 13,867 lbs 15,256 lbs 16,270 lbs
Loaded Front 13,228 lbs 21,958 lbs 54,086 lbs
Loaded Rear 2,844 lbs 3,285 lbs 3,208 lbs
Unloaded Front 5,710 lbs 6,063 lbs 6,393 lbs
Unloaded Rear 8,157 lbs 9,193 lbs 9,877 lbs
TIRES FH40-1 FH45-1 FH50-1
Tire Type Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic
Front 300 - 15 - 18PR (I) 300 - 15 - 18PR (I) 300 - 15 - 18PR (I)
Rear 7 - 12 - 12PR (I) 7 - 12 - 14PR (I) 7 - 12 - 14PR (I)
Number of Wheels, Front/Rear 2x / 2 2x / 2 2x / 2
Front 48.2 in 48.2 in 48.2 in
Rear 44.1 in 44.1 in 44.1 in
Tilting Angle, Forward/Backward 6 / 12 deg 6 /12 deg 6 /12 deg
Lowered 82.9 in 86.8 in 86.8 in
Extended 162.6 in 162.6 in 171.1 in
Free Lift Height 5.9 in 5.7 in 5.5 in
Standar Lift Height 118.1 in 118.1 in 118.1 in
Height Overhead Guard 88.2 in 88.2 in 88.2 in
Length, with Standard Forks 166.1 in 168.1 in 173.4 in
Length to Fork Face 124 in 126 in 125.4 in
Overall Width at Drive Tires 59.8 in 59.8 in 59.8 in
Forks, Thickness x Width x Length 2.2 x 5.9 x 42.1 in 2.2 x 5.9 x 42.1 in 2.2 x 5.9 x 48 in
Carriage Width/ITA Class 46.9 in / III 46.9 in / III 50 in / III
Ground Clearance, Under Mast 5.7  in 5.7 in 5.7 in
Ground Clearance, Center of Wheelbase 8.3 in 8.3 in 8.3 in
L1000 x W1200 pallet 184.8 in 187.2 in 193.7 in
L1200 x W800 pallet 190 in 192.3 in 193.7 in
Turning Radius, Outside 112 in 114 in 115.2 in
Travel Speed, Loaded/Unloaded 14.6 / 14.6 mph 14.6 / 14.6 mph 14.6 / 14.6 mph
Lifting Speed, Loaded/Unloaded 95.8 / 99.4 fpm 82.7 / 86.6 fpm 82.7 / 86.6 fpm
Lowering Speed, Loaded/Unloaded 98.4 / 98.4 fpm 98.4 / 98.4 fpm 98.4 / 98.4 fpm
Maximum Drawbar Pull, Loaded 7,644 lbs 7,644 lbs 7,868 lbs
Maximum Gradeability 33% 29% 28%
Service Brake, Operation/Control Foot / Hydraulic Foot / Hydraulic Foot / Hydraulic
Parking Brake, Operation/Control Hand / Mechanical Hand / Mechanical Hand / Mechanical
Steering Type FHPS FHPS FHPS
DRIVE FH40-1 FH45-1 FH50-1
Engine Manufacturer / Engine Model Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5 Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5 Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5
Rated Output (SAE Net) 68.1 HP @2,150 rpm 68.1 HP @2,150 rpm 68.1 HP @2,150 rpm
Maximum Torque (SAE Net) 212 lb-ft @ 1,400 rpm 212 lb-ft @ 1,400 rpm 212 lb-ft @ 1,400 rpm
# of Cylinders / Displacement 4 / 199 cu in 4 / 199 cu in 4 / 199 cu in
Fuel Tank Capacity 27.7 US Gallons 27.7 US Gallons 27.7 US Gallons
OTHER FH40-1 FH45-1 FH50-1
Battery, Voltage/Capacity 24 V / 52 Ah 5hr 24 V / 52 Ah 5hr 24 V / 52 Ah 5hr
Relief Pressure, Maximum 2,988 psi 2,988 psi 2,988 psi
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 21.9 US Gallons 21.9 US Gallons 21.9 US Gallons
Transmission Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic


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