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The PS 22M comes with an AC drive technology that offers more power, better energy consumption and low maintenance costs to let you work in your area without pausing. This product is built with a smart monomast that lets you store various items like cell phones or drinks. It has a lift height of 63"/78" to help you lift and carry items over aisles, whether in a warehouse or store. The powerful maintenance-free batteries (2x12V/106 AH VRLA-AGM) with built-in charger also makes it ideal to use without having to worry about running out of power.


• The ergonomic tiller can be easily operated with either hand.  Crawl speed button assist to operate safe in tight areas.
• The built-in charger gives higher autonomy during the application.
• Stabilizers ensure high driving stability.
• Numerous trays for storage such as drinks, cell phone, pen and other.
• Adjustable straddle leg design, suitable for diverse pallet sizes and more stability.
• Battery discharge indicator with automatic lift cut-off function for higher battery lifetime.
• Maintenance free (6 x 64 Ah) batteries ensure longer operations.
• Several fork-length and width over the forks available.
• AC drive system for more power, better energy consumption as well as for low maintenance costs.
• Smart monomast for good view to the forks from both sides.


Manufacturer's type designation PS 22M SL
Power (battery ,diesel, petrol, gas, manual)  Battery
Operator type  Pedestrian
Load Capacity / rated load 2200 Q (lbs)
Load centre distance 23.6 C (in)
Load distance ,centre of drive axle to fork 29.2 X (in)
Wheelbase  46.0 Y(in)
Service weight 26.6 | 27.8 lbs
Axle loading, laden front/rear 35.6/30.1 | 36.2/30.7 lbs
Axle loading, unladen front/rear 15.1/11.2 | 15.7/11.8 lbs
Tires  Polyurethane (PU)
Tire size, front φ 9.9×3.5 φ x w (in)
Tire size, rear φ 3.3×2.8 φ x w (in)
Additional wheels(dimensions) φ 3.9×1.6 φ x w (in)
Wheels, number front/rear(x=driven wheels) 1x+2/2
Track, front 19.7 b10 (in)
Track, rear 39.4-53.9 b11 (in)
Lowered mast height 77.6 | 93.3 h1 (in)
Free Lift height 60.2 | 76.0 h2 (in)
Lift height 60.2 | 76.0 h3 (in)
Extended mast height 82.3 | 98.0 h4 (in)
Height of tiller in drive position min./ max. 36.2/49.2 h14 (in)
Height, lowered t 1.6 h13 (in)
Overall length 69.5 l1 (in)
Length to face of forks 24.1 l2 (in)
Overall width 27.2 b1 (in)
Fork dimensions 1.4/3.9/45.3 s/e/l (in)
Distance between fork-arms 9.9/31.5 b5 (in)
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase 1.0 m2 (in)
Aisle width for pallets 1000X1200 crossways 90.4 Ast (in)
Aisle width for pallets 800X1200 lengthways 90.4 Ast (in)
Turning radius 53.5 Wa (in)
Travel speed, laden/ unladen 3.4/3.4 mph
Lift speed, laden/ unladen 15.0/36.4 fpm
Lowering speed, laden/ unladen 20.7/21.7 fpm
Max. gradeability, laden/ unladen 5/10 %
Service brake Electromagnetic
Drive motor rating S2  60min    1.2 HP
Lift motor rating at S3  4.5%     1.6 HP
Battery acc. to DIN 43531/35/36  A, B, C, no No
Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5   2x12 / 106 V/Ah
Energy consumption acc: to VDI cycle 0.8 kWh/h
Type of drive control  AC- speed control
sound level at driver`s ear acc. to EN 12053 67 dB(A)


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