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The PS 44L is a professional and heavy-duty electric stacker with excellent performance. The Industrial battery (24V/350AH) also makes it a powerful tool for handling heavy-duty products, with a travel speed of 3.4 mph (unloaded) and 3.7 mph (fully loaded).


• Italian ZAPI Controller
• German AC drive motor and gearbox
• 24V/270 Ah industrial battery for PS35L SL,
• 24V/350 Ah industrial battery for PS44L SL
• Italian ZAPI Battery discharge indicator with hour meter
• Operator protection Plexiglass
• Adjustable base legs I.D. 33” to 45”, O.D. 48” to 60”
• Fork size: 45.3 ”L x 10~28.7” W
• 9" x 2.95" polyurethane drive tire
• 3.3" x 3.3" polyurethane load wheels
• Emergency power disconnect
• Ergonomic control handle with horn button and belly button
• Dual butterfly-style thumb controls
• Crawl speed button for safe operation in tight space Key switch limits access to approved personnel
• Travel speed: 3.4mph (unloaded), 3.7mph (fully loaded)
• Proportional lift to have accurate control of the lift height         
• Optional fork-over type available
• Optional full free lift
• Available lift height 2 stage masts 114”/126”/141” for both PS35LSL and PS44LSL
• 3 stage masts 169”/181”/208” for PS35LSL,
• 3 stage masts 157”/169”/181” for PS44LSL,


Manufacturer's type designation PS 44L SL(4600)
Power (battery ,diesel, petrol, gas, manual) Battery
Operator type Pedestrian
Load Capacity / rated load   (lbs) 4400
Load centre distance   (in) 23.6
Load distance ,centre of drive axle to fork  (in) 26.5
Wheelbase  (in) 58.7
Service weight   (lbs) 3748
Axle loading, laden front/rear   (lbs) 2425/5732
Axle loading, unladen front/rear  (lbs) 2227/1521
Tires, chassis  
Tires Polyurethane (PU)
Tire size, front   (in) Ф9×2.95
Tire size, rear   (in) Ф3.3×3
Additional wheels(dimensions)   (in) Ф5.9x2
Wheels, number front/rear(x=driven wheels) 1x+1/4
Track, front  (in) 20.5
Track, rear  (in) 43.1-54.9
Lowered mast height  (in) 88
Free Lift height (in) 60
Lift height   (in) 178
Extended mast height (in) 205
Height of tiller in drive position min./ max. (in) 33.5/54.5
Height, lowered (in) 1.97
Overall length (in) 84.1
Length to face of forks (in) 38.8
Overall width (in) 32.3/(48-59.8)
Fork dimensions (in) 1.6x4.7x45.3
Distance between fork-arms  (in) 10-28.7
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase (in) 1.3
Aisle width for pallets 1000X1200 crossways (in) 105.3
Aisle width for pallets 800X1200 lengthways (in) 104.4
Turning radius (in) 70.5
Performance data  
Travel speed, laden/ unladen  (mph) 3.4/3.7
Lift speed, laden/ unladen (fpm) 25.6/39.4
Lowering speed, laden/ unladen   (fpm) 39.4/27.6
Max. gradeability, laden/ unladen  (%) 6/10
Service brake Electromagnetic
Electric- engine  
Drive motor rating S2 60min (HP) 2.3
Lift motor rating at S3 10%  (HP) 4.3
Battery acc. to DIN 43531/35/36 A, B, C, no 3PZS
Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5 (V/Ah) 24/350
Battery weight lbs 634
Energy consumption acc: to VDI cycle   (kWh/h) 1.79
Additional data  
Type of drive control AC- speed control
Sound level at driver`s ear acc. to EN 12053 dB(A) 69


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