Noblelift ER A44/55-Easy Roller

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The ER A44/55 Easy Roller with its mechanically powered drive makes traveling operations effortless and safe. Once the mechanical drive is engaged by oscillating the tiller up-and down, the truck accelerates with minimal required operational force.The function can be engaged to both directions and can be overdriven. For safety in the opposite direction the drive works as a parking brake. Horizontal transportation of heavy loads become easy and safe.

Some advantages of this model is its robust and durable design that requires little to no maintenance. Short and maneuverable, the truck can operated quickly, safely and effortlessly in most confined areas. It comes with a robust and durable pump with controlled speeding and low maintenance. You get options for entry rollers for tandem or single load wheels.


• Variety of ergonomically designed handles, with options for comfortable rubber grip or robust whole steel handles, or one piece plastic cover with optimized safety and comfort.
• Three position operating lever for lifting, transporting and lowering purposes. Lower Position---to lower load, pull up on the finger tip control. Neutral Position—place finger tip control in this position during pulling or transporting. Lift Position—to raise load, push down on finger tip control, pump handle to raise the load.
• Mechanical Drive: The mechanical drive can effortlessly accelerate heavy loads. The drive can be engaged in both directions and also has a rest position.
• Oscillation movements: Easy oscillation movements of the tiller reduces required operating force to a minimum.
• Brake function and ramps: If the mechanical drive is engaged in one direction, a brake function is applied towards the other direction. On inclines this function is an obvious advantage. No downhill rolling of the truck.
• This function also helps tremendously if the truck is used on tail lifts or for battery exchange systems.
• Options for single or tandem fork rollers.
• Additional entry and exit fork rollers guarantees maximum stability and safety for transporting goods on slopes.


Type sheet for industrial truck VDI 2198    
Distinguishing mark  
Manufacturer`s type designation ER A44/55
 Drive Manual
 Operator type Hand
 Load Capacity / rated load 4400/5500/6600 Lbs
 Load centre distance 23.6 c(inch)
 Load distance ,centre of drive axle to fork 38.3 x(inch)
 Wheelbase 48 Y(inch)
Service weight(with Pu double wheels) 165 lb
 Axle loading, laden front/rear 3946/1854 lb
 Axle loading, unladen front/rear 48.4/114.4 lb
Tyres, chassis  
 Tyre size, front Æ 3.1× 2.8 inch
 Tyre size, rear Æ 7.9× 2 inch
 Additional wheels(dimensions) — inch
 Wheels, number front/rear(x=driven wheels) 2/2 or 2/4
 Tread, front 21 b10 (inch)
 Tread, rear 15 b11 (inch)
Lift  height 4.5 h3 (inch)
 Height of tiller 48.4 h14(inch)
 Height, lowered 3.3 h13 (inch)
 Overall length 62.9 l1 (inch)
 Length to face of forks 17.6 l2 (inch)
 Overall width 21.3 b1 (inch)
 Fork dimensions 1.8/6.3/46 s/e/l (inch)
 Distance between fork- arms 21 b5 (inch)
 Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase 1.5 m2 (inch)
 Aisle width for pallets 800×1200 lengthways 84.3 Ast (inch)
 Turning radius 52.3 Wa (inch)


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